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Google Maps 6.0 for Android featuring Indoor Mapping


Google Maps have been available for the Android smartphones since the beginning but recently, a new update have been launched and the new Google Maps 6.0 update is now available for the android operating system. This latest update has a major change along with a few minor improvements and this particular update is known to be the most significant update for the application so far as a new feature has been launched which is known as indoor mapping.

Google Indoor Maps


Basically, the new version of the Google Maps focuses on indoor navigation and therefore, you can easily find individual departments such as ATM machines, bathrooms, Exits and Entrances in shopping malls, huge supermarkets and large stores. The new update is also designed to show a detailed view on the information of several locations within the top 18 airports in the United States. There are several major structures fully supported by Google maps and these include:

  • The giant retail store IKEA
  • The Chicago O Hare Airport
  • Hartsfield Jackson international airport
  • The San Francisco international airport
  • Bloomingdales
  • Macy’s
  • Home depot

The manager at Google Maps claimed that this is the major feature worked on in the latest version in the application and the Google Maps was lacking the sole feature. A lot of people usually get lost inside huge shopping malls and retail stores and they can’t get find where they are or can’t find certain places without asking the people nearby. Therefore, this new update provides an ease for indoor locations and now users of the Google Maps can easily locate themselves and find places indoor as well. Currently, the application can give location details and information for over 30 feet from where the consumer is located.

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Problems faced at early stages

Previously, using GPS indoor was difficult and the main problem was to understand the blue dot stating the location of the user. The 3D environment added to the problems faced by individuals previously in indoor GPS use. Also, there were problems due to the lost signals and GPS was not usually available indoor especially underground and at different stores. However, Google has taken information from several buildings which has led to the increase in GPS strength using the detailed information from various buildings and the floor plans. Therefore, GPS services will now be available in the basement as well on the top floors of a building. Also, the new blue dot in the Google Maps gives a detailed location of where the user is inside the building example in a specific shop.


Google Maps have been making the application more and more useful by including new features such as the street view and by including most of the parks in the application. Now, a fully informative indoor GPS is features. There have been no news for the other operating systems such as the Apple iOS and the 6.0 version of the maps has only been released on the Android operating system as yet. The new Google Maps application also uses a newer layout featuring the new drop-down menu at the top of the main toolbar in order to use the major features.

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