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GetResponse Vs Constant Contact: Which one should you go for?

GetResponse Vs Constant Contact

We are living in the world of internet now. The super fast transmission makes exchange of information more easier and simple. Everyone knows how to use internet. Everything is getting online every passing day. Same is the case with the business world. People are doing and promoting their business online. Online business is considered impossible or less effective without using an email marketing tool.

There are many tools available for email marketing. Two good names that we are gonna discuss about today are GetResponse and Constant Contact. They both are email marketing tools. Both have their own features and qualities. Some of the features are common on both but some are different and very unique.

Here the question is which email marketing tool is better? Let’s find out the answer.

Both GetResponse and Constant Contact are good at:

  1. Image hosting.
  2. Social media integration.
  3. Blogging newsletters.

Constant Contact:


Constant Contact is a great option for internet marketers. They will find it as one of the best email marketing tools. For people who are looking for templates, especially mobile friendly pre designed templates; Constant Contact is obviously a great option for them. Moreover it helps you in classification of emails and you can edit your emails easily by using simple drag and drop option.

In addition to the above features, you can also design your own templates by using HTML editor, no matter if you are not good at editing.  In Constant Contact most of the people usually miss the autoresponder feature, that causes a little bit resistance in developing an excellent relationship with subscribers.



Well GetResponse is no doubt one of the best email marketing tools ever. It is one step ahead as compared to other email marketing tools because it comes up with its very own customizable newsletter templates. It is an excellent option for the users who want to personalize their email campaigns. I will recommend you to select your email marketing tool very wisely. As email marketing is a backbone of any successful online business. And GetResponse no doubt is a perfect choice for people who want to make their online business a success.

Suppose if you are looking for email marketing tool with pre designed email templates, GetResponse is no doubt a good option. It has 500 plus pre designed email templates. These templates are responsive as well as user friendly. They could be used on computer as well as on mobile.
Here I don’t want to forget GetResponse’ Auto respondent 2.0, this feature is loved by many of the email marketers. Let’s look into the detail comparison of both GetResponse and Constant Contact.

Core features:

Both GetResponse and Constant Contact allow you to send newsletters to the subscribers. But GetResponse offers wide range of actions like Responsive emails, Landing page creation and much more. As compared to this, Constant Contact only allows basic functions and RSS-to-Email feature. If you want to design an impressive campaign, Trust me you can design it much better, by using GetResponse.

Professional Look:


First of all let’s talk about professional look of both email marketing tools. So if you are looking for the email marketing tool which looks more professional and can attract maximum numbers of subscribers then I will suggest you to go for GetResponse. As it is more professional, it has 500 plus templates along with a simple drag and drop editor. Unlike Constant Contact, GetResponse will be giving you stock images’ gallery. You can add these images to your emails before sending. So here GetResponse is a better choice as compared to Constant Contact.

Contact Storage:

Of course everyone using an email marketing tool wants to have better contact storage feature. While talking about this feature in GetResponse and Constant contact, Constant Contact have a better contact storage feature as compared to GetResponse. Moreover you can also manage your contacts on mobile phones in Constant Contact.

Mobile Responsiveness:getresponse-constant-contact-mobile-responsive

When we talk about mobile responsive feature, I found that GetResponse is much better than Constant Contact. GetResponse enables you to edit and send your emails through mobile as well. Moreover GetResponse also have great looking newsletter templates and auto responders on Smartphone devices.

Auto Responder:

To make your online business a success, I will recommend you to use email marketing tool with excellent autoresponder. When we compare GetResponse and Constant Contact, I found that GetResponse has better autoresponder. As it is user friendly and provides its users better split testing option. In addition to that GetResponse’ autoresponder will provide you better split testing option. So GetResponse is winner when we talk about excellent autoresponder feature.

Pricing Battle:


GetResponse is always a winner when we come to pricing plan. The above image will tell you about the pricing plan of GetResponse. GetResponse starts its pricing from $15 for 1000 subscribers. Whereas, in comparison to that, Constant Contact’s pricing plan starts with $20 for 500 subscribers.


GetResponse also offers you a free trial of 30 days without demanding any advance credit card details. I will recommend you to go for their free trial first.

Ease of Use:

Everyone is busy these days. Everyone is in competition. Everyone wants to do more work in less time. Same is the case with email marketers. They wanted to go with a tool that has the ability to do more in less time. In simple words people do look for an email marketing tool that is simple and easy in use. When we compared Constant Contact and GetResponse, we found that both are easy to use. But Constant Contact at times is difficult to navigate. GetResponse is more simple and user friendly. One can use GetResponse without having any technical skills. It provides you with simplifying options that make your work more easier and simple.


Some email marketers look for email marketing tool that also provides you integration to some other services. For example surveys, statistics, coupon codes and etc. If you are also looking for this feature, I will suggest you to go for GetResponse. I hope it will amaze you.


Free trial:

Talking about free trials, GetResponse offers you free trial of 30 days. It’s absolutely free, without having to give any advance credit card details. In addition to that you can send unlimited number of emails to subscribers for the whole month. It means you are not limited. If you are not satisfied with features or working of GetResponse, you can simply back off without spending any money. I would love to suggest you guys to go for free trial first.
Talking about Constant contact, It will be offering you free trial for 60 days. Isn’t that more amazing? It will help you with your involvement in campaigns. In addition to that Constant Contact’s free trial does not demand any kind of captcha or any mobile code. You have access to it easily.

Phone Support:

When I was checking phone support services for these email marketing tools, I came to know that GetResponse have voice support feature, but it is not available for 24 hours. It is one of the big drawbacks. In comparison to that Constant Contact offers voice support features that is available all the time. However both tools enable you to get live chat, phone and Email support. So when we talk about phone support, Constant contact is winner.


Most of the people, who are new to email marketing service, do not usually follow the proper process. They do not have any idea about how to build contact list, how to edit email templates and etc. Newcomers usually look for some proper guidelines. If you are newbie and looking for some guidelines, I will recommend you to go for GetResponse of course. GetResponse will be guiding you on each and every step with the help of images and tutorials. If you wish to gain knowledge, go for GetResponse trust me it’s a university itself.

Delivery Rate:

There is no doubt in the fact, that high deliverability rate is most important. As it will allow you to send emails and offers to most of your subscribers. In simple language it is success rate that determines the number of emails delivered. The deliverability rate of GetResponse is better than Constant Contact. GetResponse is on the top with deliverability rate of 99{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a} whereas, Constant Contact is runner up with the deliverability rate of 97{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a}.

Other features:

If we talk about other features, like landing page creator, importing contacts, user engagement with website and interface, GetResponse is far better than Constant Contact.

Final Verdict:

Selection of a good email marketing tool is very important. I will recommend you to select your email marketing tool wisely. The above comparison clearly shows that GetResponse is winner. It provides you better split testing, 500+ email templates, stock images, social integration, free trial, better deliverability rate and much more. Hence GetResponse is perfect email marketing tool that would definitely help you to make your business a success.

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