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Four weather apps that could brighten your day

BBC WeatherIn the UK the weather is a popular discussion topic, as while we rarely experience conditions as extreme as certain other parts of the world it’s still something that can have an impact on us all. In summer we might be hoping that good temperatures enable to spend a little more time in the great outdoors, while during the winter some of us might just be hoping to come through it safely.

In days gone by your best bet for staying up to date with likely conditions would have been to watch a weather bulletin on TV or reading information in a newspaper. However, these days if you have a 4g phone from the likes of Everything Everywhere it’s possible to get up-to-date details almost instantaneously. Here are a few apps that might help you to stay a step ahead.

BBC Weather

If you want an app that’s easy to use and has a visually appealing interface then BBC Weather might be well worth a look. It provides a wealth of information, including five –day forecasts and offers a more detailed insight as to what you can expect in certain locations across the course of 24 hours, so it might provide some clues as to whether you’ll need your brolly or not. Although, it’s always worth remembering that the forecasters can sometimes get it wrong.

Pollen Forecast UK

At this time of year hayfever sufferers can find themselves suffering as pollen counts increase. Pollen Forecast UK may go some way towards easing the pain they feel as it offers local and national updates from the University of Worcester on what can be expected. It also offers advice for those with allergies, which might make coping a little easier.


If you’re a looking for a little extra detail from an application and don’t mind paying a small sum for the privilege then you might like to download WeatherPro to your 4g mobile phone. It offers everything you might expect – such as temperatures in various locations and a forecast for the week ahead – and more, with details relating to wind direction and air pressure. Premium goes further and provides high-resolution maps, radar images and 800,000 points of interest.

MoonPhase – moon info

If you’re looking for something a little bit different then MoonPhase might be it. It provides users a wealth of information about the moon, including its position in the sky, its rising and setting times and details about what phase it will be in throughout the month.

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