First Steps Tips For Increasing Your Readers For New Blog.

Blogs are becoming more popular everyday as people discover how much fun and how useful they can be. People use blogs for personal and business use. There is a bunch of different ways to increase the amount of people who read your blog, you just have to figure out what works best for you.

One way that helps increase blog readers is to post a link to your twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and email accounts. By posting your blog link to sites that people look at on a daily basis makes it likely for them to click on your link and start reading your blog. If they like what they read then they will probably subscribe and be an active reader. Also if you post the link of your blog on your text message signature on your cell phone it is greatly anticipated that the people you text message will go to your blog site and read your entries.

Another way to add readers to your blog is to post pictures on each entry. People like to see interesting pictures, and that helps get their focus on whom you are and what you have to say. You can post pictures of things you like or of your life just as long as you feel comfortable with what you are posting. Also a lot of color and designs can really catch people’s attention, and that will make others what to read what you have to say.

A great way to increase traffic on your blog is to have friends or business partners refer your link to their friends or clients. If you get referred to enough people you will get more readers and that is what everyone is aiming for. Another way to have traffic increased is to make a link on your business card or flier of your blog and post it in local shops or billboards. People will walk past them and take a look and will quite possibly take a chance and go to your blog. They can then subscribe and read your blogs daily.

Another awesome way to increase blog readers is to have many interesting entries about things that are going on in the world. People like hearing others opinions and reactions to world news or affairs. Also the activities going on in personal lives are a big thing to read about. If you add your link to blog lists in certain categories on the blog site you use, you can definitely gain traffic that way.

Having a blog is a great way to get feelings out and give other people a chance to interact and read what is going on in other people’s minds. Increasing your blog readers is easy; you just have to figure out what solution works best for you.

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6 replies on “First Steps Tips For Increasing Your Readers For New Blog.”

Hi Amit, you given a wonderful tips for increasing readers on the blog. And, thanks a lot for sharing Amit. Yeah i agree with first point because most of the blogger are using the social media to raising readers on the blog.

What a wonderful tips how to increase blog reader. Have you heard about meta marketing?. I use meta marketing which is mean I wrote everyday news from news paper into my blog. That is the best way I got a lot of reader. I hope I can add more tips next time.

Good tips, the only problem is that they don’t work. Lets be realistic, if you have problems getting readers this tips aren’t going to help.

@Oak Sorry I forgot to mention- You also need to provide good quality content. The purpose of the post was to make you understand that getting your good post in front of few eyes who will then re share it will make your post read by thousands.

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