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Features Which Make RockMelt Different From Other Browsers

RockMelt is the latest thing about which each and everyone of us is talking about. These day it is quite common to see people writing on their facebook walls about Rockmelt, Some people update their status on Facebook as ” WOW , amazing browser” , some say “I have some invites left for Rockmelt is any one interested”. So what exactly is Rockmelt ? Rockmelt is the latest sensation in the world of web browsers. Nearly every one of you already know what RockMelt is and what does it do. Some of its salient features are :

  • Real time updates – Now you can get updates about your favorite sport or news directly into your browser.
  • Web applications – You can now run web applications directly from your RockMelt Browser.
  • Direct access to social media, Facebook, twitter, email etc.

So what does Direct access to social media means ? How can u get updates and what else these features means ? So lets look on these features one by one :

App Edge : You can manage all your web applications from the app edge provided on the right side of the web browser. Bet part is the browser has been developed on Google chrome base so it supports all the extensions made for Google chrome so you can install Chrome extensions easily and other web apps and manage them via app edge.

App Edge
App Edge

Friend Edge : This edge is present on the left side of the Browser and shows all your friends which are currently online. You can adjust the settings to show your favorite friends instead of all friends. You just have to pick your favorite friends and then change option to show favorite friends.

Friends Edge
Friends Edge

Javascript Console : The Browser has an in-built Javascript console.

Javascript Console
Javascript Console

Besides these features RockMelt also has an inbuilt feature for developers called developers tools, which can be used by the developers for carrying out their work. You can also directly update your status on Facebook via RockMelt.

Are you a  RockMeIt browser user? Do share your opinion about RockMeIt?

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To be honest, I am a great Chrome fan/user but I am open to new stuff like using new kind of browser. Thanks for recommending this but you don’t mention here on where to acquire it. Where can I download it?

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