Everyday tasks Android Phone can help you with

With so much technology out there to choose from, knowing which ones would be best suited to your needs can be quite difficult. Thankfully having a smartphone or tablet nowadays often means you have everything you need in one neat little package.

When you visit or walk into your local phone provider branch you are looking for the phone that is to be your constant companion. To help you with mundane tasks and make them bearable or simpler. Which is probably one of the reasons why Android is so popular right now. Here are some of the things an Android smartphone or tablet can help you achieve:


If you are anything like the vast majority of the population, you will be extremely forgetful. Luckily we have the Evernote app on Android. The apps huge memory is the perfect place to jot down the things you might forget: take notes, store record files, take pictures, create a to-do-list etc.

Business calendar

Who needs a filo-fax when you have the ultimate business calendar on your phone? If you are a business person with tons of agendas per week – per day even – this app is free on Android devices and will display your agenda in a graphic and text presentation. You can even colour code things. And better yet, it syncs to your Google calendar.

Assistant app

If you have a busy day and need to get from A to B with little stress, then the Assistant app can help. Just speak up and the app performs magic, searching for the nearest coffee houses, letting you know how the weather will change etc. You can even customize your assistant to look like a person, with traits to make it more human.

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Instead of the Evernote, I use the Сatch ( and advise you. The app takes a plethora of cues from the Evernote app, but still somewhere down the line holds its own firm ground.

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