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Most Essential Elements to Make a Powerful App Design for Mobile Phones

Mobile App Design ElementsThe evolution in mobile design has changed everything now. And, this is the reason why users expect better and fast mobile experience. Well! Fulfilling these demands of users is not that easy. To make your mobile phone apps’ designs useful, friendly and perfect, app designers need to follow the below mentioned, five most essential things:

1. Kick Out Sign Up Process:

The most difficult challenge for mobile app designers is to create engaging atmosphere for users. According to a survey, an average Android or iOS user downloads maximum five apps a month. Two of these five apps are opened once and the user never looks at it again. On the other hand, the remaining three are used 10 times a month.

The sign up process of some apps turn out to be very tiring and user ends up abandoning that application. Connecting Facebook, Twitter or any other social network to application does not make any user happy. Every user becomes conscious about security. So, please do not add sign up process as it is a wastage for your as well as the user’s time.

2. Focus on One Thing Only:

Make your app as simple as possible. Most of the designers try to fit as many features in a single app as possible. Your mobile application should have only one purpose and whole design should be dedicated to it. Use your design for guidance and let the user know where they should head to after a specific action. The simpler your design is, the better your app will be.

3. Show Passwords Instead of Hiding Them:

Hiding passwords behind asterisk is a pretty painful experience for mobile users. This is due to the reason that mobile users are more likely to make typos because of small keys or letter provided on screen. In this regard, what designers can do is that they can unhide the password and make them visible. Actually not hiding password may cause security issues in PC but in mobile, the thing is completely different.

4. Focus More on Image Quality:

Image quality is something that matters in app design. Blurry images reflect the quality and usability of your app (though they are not connected in any way). So, double the resolution, which is usually recommended. Logo pixel quality should also be taken care of in this regard.

5. Respect Every Tap:

Every tap or to be specific, every action that a user takes has a big impact on him. This is because when a user heads towards his destination, then requiring more and more taps or swipes do not make any difference. So, design your app in such a way that the user has to tap as least as possible. If you really want to provide ease to your users, then keep your app simple and clean.

Final Words:

If you want to give your users a better app experience, as a mobile phone app designer, you must keep the above five things in mind while designing your application.

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