Now Noobs Can Too Design Their Own WordPress Theme Using Visual Theme Editor Engine

No More Goofing around For Your Dream WordPress theme.

You may not Know CSS, HTML, PHP, Mysql, And Theme Designing Ethics But Don’t Worry….Now You need not to be a Web designer, For Designong a WordPress Theme.

A computer science Student at Washington University in St Louis, currently visiting the University of Edinburgh. has Developed a wordpress Plugin that helps Everyone to design their Dream theme using a Visual Editor.

He began work on Elastic with WordPress during the Google Summer of Code 2009, and has since developed the habit of overanalyzing WordPress themes and dreaming of beautiful interfaces. He would love Elastic to become the de facto theme editor for WordPress, but can’t do it alone. He’s a student, you know. Basically—you should contribute!

Here Is the Preview Of What gives power to wordpress Users:


Elastic is still in development and we do not recommend that you use Elastic themes on live websites.

You Can try It On a dummy site .

Download It Here

17 replies on “Now Noobs Can Too Design Their Own WordPress Theme Using Visual Theme Editor Engine”

Having used WordPress for my business website, the thing that so impressed me was the quality of the code. It will be really interesting to see if this continues with this system, though I’m pretty sure it will. Would love to give it a spin.

Thanks and I even tested and work very well. It is easy to use their a few thing I am sure if it can do and how but outside of that I was very happy with what it can do which it a fair bit

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