Who the hell is Dr. Google?

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Who Is Dr. Google ?
A person medically qualified by Google’s search engine to diagnose symptoms of sickness.

Mrs. Smith: My son has Dengue fever. I searched it on Google.

Dr. James: Really? That’s what Google says? Send him to emergency immediately!

Dr. James: *note to self: Mrs. Smith’s Son is fine. Mrs. Smith however has a case of Dr Google.


Dr Google is the professional advice you defer to when performing online searches for information using the google search engine. Dr Google knows all.

Example 1:

Rachel: What’s the difference between curling your tongue and clamshelling your tongue?
Mike: Dunno! Let me ask Dr Google…

Example 2:

Mike: 10mm is a bit thick for climbing rope…
Rachel: 10 mm is <1/2″
Mike: 10mm is 1/2.5″
Rachel: 10 millimeters = 0.393700787 inches according to Dr Google.


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  • George Serradinho

    Hi there,

    this is a funny one 🙂 Don’t know how many people refer to Dr. Google?

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