Dog Trainer Turned Into Youtube Celebrity[Interview]

Recently I interviewed Fred Hassen,CEO/Owner/Founder of Sit Means Sit, the largest U.S.-based dog training company, has become the #1 YouTube star of the dog training world. I asked few questions to him related to his success and personal life.

Since YouTube launched, we’ve all frequented the site to be entertained by amateur videographers. Many of these videos soon developed into viral phenomenons, and whether produced by amateurs or professionals, we still come away with a smile on our faces. And Made some uploaders “RICHIE RICH”.

Hassen’s channel “Reality Dog Training TV” features dog training tips, tricks, funny dog videos and more in his daily YouTube clips he shoots himself with his iPhone. Hassen recently became an official partner of YouTube and receives 30 to as many as 150 thousand views per day, had over one million views last month making him one of the most prominent pet and animal-related video producers on YouTube.

This Youtube video is the one with the most views that is funny.

Here is the interview….

Q1. When did you start video blogging? What were your original plans for your blog and why did you started it?

A. The motto of our business is ‘Talk is Cheap’ and we just love to show our work!  Everyone says they are ‘the best’ at something, so I feel it’s only fair to let the consumer make those decisions.  The easiest way to do that is to show your work and let them put it up for comparison.

Q2. Why did you opt for this niche? (Love for Dogs?)

A. I am the CEO/Owner/Founder of Sit Means Sit Dog Training, and I live, sleep and eat Sit Means Sit.  It’s just a natural thing that I began videotaping our dogs since I spend so much time with them.

Q3. What is your favorite video blogging tool or the tool you couldn’t live without?

A. Definitely my Iphone!  The great thing about it is that it is always with me.  The iphone also has video editing software that you can get through their app store (I use ‘reeldirector’) and that allows me to get videos up on youtube instantly, and without being in front of a computer to do it!  Very useful when I am on the road.  We have many, many franchises so it helps when I am visiting them or doing a seminar. The most important thing about our franchisee website is that it works seamlessly on a Smartphone, which also helps me stay in touch with all the Sit Means Sit trainers nationwide.

Q4. What tips would you give new video bloggers to help them start out on a path to success?

A. Be passionate.  If you are really passionate about something, then it won’t be a job.  Nothing beats doing something you love and I’m very passionate about dogs and our business.

Q5. One of the hardest things for beginner bloggers is getting hits to video. What tips can you give beginners to drive traffic to a new Channel?

A. You have to educate yourself on what you are trying to accomplish.  You have to search and find articles on video marketing and take a little something from everyone.  Find some of the people that are having great success and watch their videos and see what  type of tips that you can pick up.  Be yourself.   Get your videos out to as many people, in as many ways that you can and listen to the feedback and make adjustments.  The world of video marketing is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay educated.  I figured it was the best way to go and I have stuck with it.  I haven’t changed my opinion on that at all.

Some Personal Questions.

Q7.What else do you do aside from blogging?

A. My wife’s and my life revolves around our dogs.  Fortunately, I get to do a lot of it on video.

Q8.How many pets you have at home ? Can you train any other animal?

A.We have 5 dogs.  3 Labrador Retrievers and 2 Belgian Malinois’.  You can see them in a lot of the videos.

Q9.How you developed communication with dogs?

A. I started this ‘Sit Means Sit’ dog training system and have just constantly tweeked things to find ways to make communication easier.  It’s always evolving.

Q10. what are your future plans?

A. To continue to grow our businesses and make our dogs better every day, and to help others do the same.

Q11. What you think about cruelty going on animals around the world?

A. I’ve built our business on doing things in public, because if you have nothing to hide, then you will always be successful and proud of your work.   You have to set an example, but unfortunately there will always be a small number of evil people in everything.

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Featured ON:  ‘Animal Planet’, ‘The Outdoor Channel’, ‘ESPN’, and ‘PARADE Magazine’

Fred Hassen – CEO/Owner/Founder

founder and co-owner of Sit Means Sit, the largest U.S.-based dog training company, has become the #1 YouTube star of the dog training world

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