Dealing with Video and Media Related Errors

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video-media-problemComputers are increasingly being used as multimedia tools that allow us to watch videos, listen to music and create multimedia presentations. We are also using computers to communicate with family and friends and share videos, photos and music. Computers, with the help of the Internet, are merging into a combination of TV, radio, music player and PC all rolled into one.

In order to achieve all or some of these functions, your computer needs to be loaded with the required hardware specifications, as well as requisite software applications. These various hardware components and software programs put a burden on computer resources and at the same time increase the probability of an error. It is commonly noticed that video and media related errors are often related to problems in the executable or EXE files.

Out of these problems, the most common issue is with high CPU usage by EXE files, such as qttask.exe (QuickTime player), wdfmgr.exe (Windows Media Player), and ati2evxx.exe (ATT video card). By default, these files are configured to load at system startup. However, you don’t actually need them until you start working with the application they belong to. The best way to deal with these problems is to disable the programs from loading during system start. You can easily search for and disable these programs by using the System Configuration utility that you can launch by running the msconfig command. If you find this utility a bit complicated, you may use a reliable, third-startup programs manager tool to disable unwanted startup programs.

Many times, media and video players generate errors and cause system slow downs if you fail to update them. This is because these updates incorporate new features and patch up any bugs that make your software more efficient and secure.

kids-watching-tv-problemAlthough it is essential to update, many users report errors soon after they install an update. If this happens, you may have to remove this update to resolve the issue. If you want to uninstall a Windows Media Player Update, open Add or Remove Programs, select the Show Updates checkbox, select the update you want to uninstall and then select Remove.

It is also important for you to maintain a malware-free computer. These malicious programs infect your application files and make them behave erratically. If your audio/video driver files or if the files of your media applications are infected with a virus, you may encounter errors. This is the reason why it is a good idea to run an antivirus and antispyware scan on your computer to ensure that they are not behind the errors. To be ready to combat malware, you must ensure that you have the latest antimalware tools and you must keep these tools updated with the latest definitions.

The Windows registry also plays an important role in the smooth functioning of your media applications and drivers. Any problems within the registry may cause these applications to malfunction and generate errors. To prevent issues caused by registry problems, it is imperative that you scan and clean your registry on a regular basis. Although you can do some amount of registry maintenance by using the Registry Editor (regedit) tool, it is best that you use a good registry cleaner tool for the job. Registry cleaners are recommended by many experts because of their ease-of-use, efficiency, and speed in detecting and fixing registry errors.

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  • fahim

    hey nice post i really enjoy it

  • Jill

    It happen a lot to my PC. Usually my PC load too slow at system startup and sometimes my PC freeze/hang when I’m watching an online streaming video. So I only used program that don’t make my PC slow like COMODO.

    Jill’s last blog post..Charice invades Billboard Hot 100

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