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Why Cyber Lawyers Need Technology.

Technology has advanced at a rapid pace, much faster than we can keep up with it. But that doesn’t imply that we cannot try to understand it and learn it, because when we don’t get technology, we fall far behind. Lawyers were never really required to know technology, and even if their cases involved technical details, they would hire an expert to help with this aspect. But today, technology has made it possible to do so much more in very little time – gadgets and devices help lawyers in more ways than one.

Christopher Hopkins cyber-lawyers-gadgets-technology
Palm Beach attorney Christopher Hopkins shows his iPhone application that provides lawyers with cyber access to rules of professional conduct and guidelines.

Cyber lawyers are a relatively new breed; they evolved because technology evolved and because people began to misuse the technology for nefarious purposes. Today, there are laws relating to data encryption, child pornography, data transfer, data privacy, online plagiarism, and various other forms of cybercrime. However, there are still many loopholes that can be exploited by those who really know technology, and this is the foremost reason why cyber lawyers must understand technology.

Cyber lawyers are not really required to have any kind of special qualifications; they’re just lawyers who happen to be interested in cyber law, its implications and its cases. However, if they venture into cyber law without knowing all there is to know about technology, they’re not going to be very good at their job. If cyber lawyers want to rule the roost and win cases in their domain, they must be familiar with the ins and outs of technology.

If we take a look at those who know the most about cyberspace, we find that it’s the criminals – the hackers, the virus authors, the scammers, the con artists – who are familiar with its ins and outs. The law is on their trail, but often far behind. This is because those in law enforcement do not think like criminals. So if cyber lawyers want to get inside the minds of online crooks and know how they think, they need to know technology as well as, if not better than them.

As I said at the beginning of this article, technology is advancing faster than we can keep up with it. However, cyber lawyers must keep up to date with the latest advances in cyber technology if they are to continue to be relevant in their field. Cyberspace develops rapidly, and criminals and people who exploit this virtual world are always abreast of all that can be done with the technology that creates it. So for cyber lawyers to be one step ahead of them, they must continue to improve their knowledge of technology as and when advances are made. This is a field where the learning never stops, where every day brings new knowhow and new challenges, and where innovation can become obsolete in no time at all.


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Technology is making gains in all facets of life and Law is no exception. Apps are a great example as is the ipad. Some people claim the ipad wasn’t good enough to replace the “yellow legal pad” ;however, I think they forget to take into account that this is just the first generation of this technology…its only going to improve.

Really i think as more and more things are shifting towards internet like shopping, bank accounts and personal data etc, so the criminals too. Now more and more hackers are coming to the internet to hack some personal data in order to misuse it to earn something by doing nothing. In this scenario a cyber lawyer is needed who can study and understand cases and can help a victim to get justice. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

I agree that technology has found its way in every walk of life and law profession is no exception. I think technology really helps them to keep their records of evidences and other needed material, but today no professional in the world could survive without technology. Thanks for posting.

Technology is improving nearly all facets of our lives, and Law is just one great example. Handling cases, performing discovery, working on the go, their really is no end to the benefits that we can find. However, with any technological innovation comes issues and dangers with privacy….

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