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Crowdfunding: Preparation is the Key to Success

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When Crowdfunding was first introduced in 2013, the people from all over the globe started to gain hope of having a chance to execute business ideas. Opportunities started to open doors for aspiring business owners, but mostly paved its way for young professionals. The trend allowed fresh grads to work hand in hand with the online market through social networking sites and crowdfunding sites, such as Kickstarter.

Now, a wide array of fields are competing with each other. It is quite overwhelming to see competition screaming for attention left to right and as a result the growing number of success stories is inevitable. However, most start-ups who made it are those with solid ideas and not half-baked ideas. Which is why if you think you have what it takes to start your own business and before letting anyone read the “buy Kickstarter project” in your page, then consider the following prior executing your own crowdfunding campaign.


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1. Feasibility study
You will never go wrong with a well-planned business proposal. A lot of people will start investing in you if you have the confidence to present a well-thought of product or services. Considering a feasibility study to which your audience will refer to is a must and should be on your number one list.
2. Socialize
Be social and interact with the crowd. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other social networking platforms has a crucial role in igniting the interest of your possible target market. These key players will also allow you to understand who and what kind of people you attract.
3. A touch of you
There is no better way to introduce your product and services by introducing the genius or the geniuses behind it. Introduce the people behind the work. This will allow your side to have the credibility it needs. Let the market know that there are actual people who brainstorm and are dedicated to make the project work.
4. Existing to possible clients
Whether you have existing fans or start to gain popularity, consider all as possible clients who are in need of attention. If possible, assign a team member dedicated only for that part of the project. The person assigned should be diverse and cohesive upon interacting in your social media platform. Consistent communication with these people will allow you to learn more about both the market and a possibility to widen or refine more your product or services.

Whatever field you choose, following these guidelines plus a consistent dedication to your desired project field only will allow you to have the biggest chance to having a successful crowdfunding project.

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