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Take Credit Automatically, When anyone copies Content From Your Blog

I Have Come across a great Website, Which automatically gives a Source link to your Blog and adds a Adsense ad to it, When somebody copy content from your Blog.

If you copy text from an Embed Article enabled website, Their Widget Window will pop open producing a unique code snippet for you. It is preferred that you embed the text you copied by using this Embed Article code snippet.

This code, when pasted within your website’s HTML, will render out:

  • The text you copied
  • A link back to the article you copied it from
  • An ad

This is the preferred method for you to take content from an Embed Article enabled website.

What It is All about?
Many people have no problem copying content directly from the Publisher that produced it. Most do their best to comply with Fair Use, but some dont know exactly what that entails. Luckily we, like many other Publishers, took 6 seconds to register and integrate our Embed Article Technology onto our website. Now when any portion of this article is highlighted and copied, our technology will produce a piece of code which will render it out on any embedding website invisible to search engines, with a link back to the article source, as well as display an ad so that the Publisher can earn revenue from their text appearing on the embedding website. Below we did just that – take a look to see how the copied portion will appear on embedding websites.

You can even try it out yourself. Go ahead and highlight any portion of this post and try to copy it. Youll notice our Embed Article Lightbox activates and offers you a unique code snippet as an alternative to the copied text. Paste that code in your personal blog and see for yourself. Not only does Embed Article make it simple for bloggers to play by the rules, but this technology also makes it possible for any Publisher, big or small, to build SEO, earn extra revenue and control where their content ends up by integrating our widget.

Demo here (Try to Copy The Content)

Features Explained:-

  • Letting people embed your articles
  • Links back contained within each article embed
  • Ad revenue generated from traveling ad tags
  • Article SEO Protection
  • Reporting on who is embedding your articles
  • Turn off unwanted embeds with a click
  • Serve your own ads contained within article embeds

Coming soon:

  • Set character limits of embedded articles
  • Copy and Paste Activation
  • Monthly report of embedded article data

Register Here For This Service Free !!!

3 replies on “Take Credit Automatically, When anyone copies Content From Your Blog”

I found this on Yahoo and just wanted to thank you for the advice in your blog post. I will take my time and look at other sections of your site and email my family about this.

Hey Sarvanshu,

I want to implement the same technique on my site for So when someone Copies a Quote from my site, the link gets embedded automatically for some backlinks.

Is there any such WordPress plugin for this?

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