Create Websites From Your iPhone For Free.

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The ease of creating websites has evolved from knowing to code web languages, to simply using blog platforms- Blogger, Tumblr.  Now we have Zapd- a iPhone based app that lets us create website in 60 seconds from iPhone. It lets you customize beautiful, seamless, and mobile-friendly websites from your iPhone.

Create Instant Websites From Your iPhone app

Zapd takes one step further from other micro-blogging services, all you need to do is upload photos, select a theme, and then customize content on specific elements of your website. Once published, your website is given a unique URL that you can share online.

While it may not be used by pro designers or bloggers,but it is a boon for light minded people who just want to create a website they can share and market online – for example a local backer wants to  market the new cakes he have introduced can use this service . Future Zapd versions will also provide video uploading, premium themes, and custom URLs.

Some cool features:

  • Create websites from your iPhone for free.
  • More than a dozen themes available.
  • Reorder elements within themes.
  • Edit from anywhere.
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • Similar tools:
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  • Kavya Hari

    It’s really great to heard about Zapd versions on here 🙂 Thanks a lot Sarvanshu 🙂

  • Kavya Hari

    From this, all the people like me who will get benefit in it 🙂

  • Ayush Gupta

    This is cool app but people can try WordPress Official App too

  • Ryan Chappell

    Zapd is a great App for creating very simple little websites but there is also a way to create fully featured websites from iPads and iPhones. There is not even the need to download an App, just head over to and start creating your website from an iOS device, you can create edit and publish real websites all from you iPad or iPhone but you can also take over the editing from any computer at any stage.

    So to answer the question “Is there a way to create websites from iPhone and iPads?” the answer is now Yes.

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