Create Time-Lapse Videos Using Android Smartphone

Time Lapse Video Android

If you like creating artistic time lapse videos, here’s just the right tool for you. The Time-Lapse app is a simple application which enables your android phone camere to take pictures every ‘X’ seconds and store then in video format ready to be shared or uploaded to YouTube.


The app has features such as capturing frames between 1 second to 60 minutes, and a video playback rate of 1 to 30 fps.

How to use Time-Lapse Lite?

Simply set the app to shoot during intervals, place the camera still at the scene and it will continuously keel clicking until stopped.

The camera automatically focuses before clicking every image. The free version does not feature resolutions higher than 176×144 dpi, but the paid version can be set to tap the phone’s maximum resolution. Time laps videos can be viewed from the app itself and renamed, uploaded or deleted.

Other Apps which you can use are:

Lapse It and Tina Time Lapse


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