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Design, Publish and Share Flash Apps.
data apps, interactive widgets, banners, guides, animations, ui frontends,more……

As a Software as a Service (Hosted) solution, it inherits all the benefits of On-Demand software such as no installation, automatic updates, global availability, cross-platform (works under PC, Mac and Linux). Moreover users can design and publish flash apps with no time consuming compilation or uploading, it’s just instant. Produle can be used for a wide range of projects including data apps, widgets, banners, promos, animations, product guides,¬† presentations, user interfaces for web services and any other possible interactive web content.The service is currently in preview status, Your early feedback and participation is required.What Prolude people(creators) on its launch.Check out on there Blog.
Some highlights on Features

Some recent Creations On Prolude

A simple animation demo revealing states and effects.

A simple ball animation – from produle on Vimeo.

Thanks for visiting , feel free to browse around,comment, and let me know if you have any questions, Suggestions ,etc.

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