Cool Health-Tech Ideas from Kickstarter

A well-known platform that is gaining its name in the web right now is called crowdfunding. This type of website support and help introduce innovative ideas. In this instance initial ideas of health related technology. In the present day, health and technology are inseparable combination and because of this various projects are created, leading to unstoppable development of gadgets or tools in the health industry. A popular corwdfunding site called Kickstarter support these ideas. Get a Kickstarter gist of their top three health related crowdfunding ideas that you might want to check out.

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  1. Colposcopes. One of the well-known killer disease in women is cervical cancer. However, if it is detected at an early stage, the spread of cancer can be prevented and can be treated. Now, there is more hope to prevent this killer disease with Tel Aviv’s colposcopes, especially in the rural areas or places that lack medical equipment. The people behind the idea are Israel-based innovators from MobileOCT. They have created a detachable device with a special lens to be attached on a smartphone. It is basically a cervical screening device that is already used in clinics of Africa and is becoming known to other countries such as Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, Botswana, Mexico and even the US.7602f9d440702b97c9eb42630802e58b_large
  2. FX-Sport VR-2 Headphones. The best way to enjoy a workout is with an MP3 device that can do a lot of things compared to what we know now. That’s the whole idea behind the VR-2 headphones who aims to target athletes. With just a headphone, from music to recording a workout routine, this device is a total must-have for any health nut. Another research and development is on a process to working on fitting the device to a head cap in which a waterproof feature is the main thing. This will help swimmers listen to their favourite music or listen to a routine underwater.c0e34d36161155668f882dc4793afa52_large
  3. Lifebringer. Another popular killer disease that target not only women, but men as well is diabetes and an app such as LIfebringer is a saver. This web-based project allow users to track their blood glucose. It has a special, but optional feature called “Nagbot”. It is a robot avatar and its primary purpose is to remind users to purchase a test strip or make a reading, but also has the ability to expound on readings and trends about diabetes.

These are just few of the Kickstarter projects that has been recently crawling its way to the health industry. You can check on their progress and support their projects by visiting the site. Make sure to read on details and you might just get a freebie in return.

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