How To Keep You Cool When Faced With Annoying Computer Problems

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Yes, computer errors can be annoying. They may also cause you to lose your temper, especially when you have an important deadline to meet. However, it is not going to do you any good to get angry. This may only make matters worse.

So, keep your cool and try to find out why the error has occurred. Most of the time, it may be just a tiny glitch that you can resolve in no time. Here is a list of some simple tasks that you can perform to deal with computer errors.

Step 1: Check for a solution on the Internet: When the error occurs, the first thing that you need to do is to write down the error message and search for a solution on the Internet. There are several online help websites and message forums that comprise rich data on how to deal with different types of errors. 9 out of 10 users find solutions to their errors on these websites. You just need to implement the solution provided to fix your problems.

A note of caution – do not download any software claiming to fix your errors, unless it is available on the official website of the product or you are completely sure that it is legitimate. Many times, such fixes are laced with malware infections that can cause more harm to your PC. oh_computer-crash-Optimized-1

Step 2: Replace any missing files reported in the error message: Many computer errors, especially DLL errors, such as missing framedyn.dll or the missing d3dx9_27.dll error may occur when a required file goes missing. These errors usually occur when the file reported in the error message becomes corrupt, gets overwritten with another version, or is actually deleted from the system. Reversing the action after which the error started occurring usually resolves missing file errors. You can also obtain the missing files from a legitimate source and replace it in its location on the computer.

Step 3: Update your software: If you don’t take steps to update your software, errors are bound to occur. You can use tools, such as the Automatic Update feature in Windows, live update in security software and update option in other third-party applications to perform this task. For device drivers, it is best that you obtain and use a reliable third-party driver update tool that can automatically search, download and install the latest driver updates.

Step 4: Scan and eliminate malware: Virus, trojans, adware, and spyware are common causes of several computer errors. To combat this issue:

  1. Obtain and install efficient spyware and virus scanner tools.
  2. Update the tools with the latest signatures.
  3. Ensure that live update is enabled for future updates.
  4. Perform a thorough PC scan to detect and remove all infections.
  5. Schedule the scan to run automatically at regular intervals in future.
  6. Ensure that the real-time protection feature is enabled so that your PC is secure at all times.

Step 5: Scan and clean your registry: All software including your operating system, device drivers, and other third-party software add entries in the Windows registry. Over time, a large amount of unwanted data makes its way into the registry causing it to bloat up to a very large size, become unstable and generate errors. As a vigilant user, you must take care to use a reliable registry tool to regularly scan and clean your registry and keep it compact and free from any problems.

How To Keep Your Cool When Faced With Annoying Computer Problems
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  • clint

    Whenever I get mad at my computer I usually turn it off and go do something else.

    When I get back I check for a solution and usually fix the problems that are slowing me down.
    .-= clint´s last blog ..If Marijuana Production Were Legal: Huge Projected Tax Revenues =-.

  • Pavan Somu

    The post is very useful for every pc user. Good post.
    .-= Pavan Somu´s last blog ..Best Monetizing Plugins For Your Blogs =-.

  • Joe Matthews

    I think you should always assume that when you are working on a computer, installing software, etc that it will not go smoothly. That way you will be pleasantly surprised if it goes well.

    Also, the biggest thing that has saved me is windows system restore. It is under pc tools and help in Windows XP. Basically, all windows version should have it. It will turn your computer back in time and it will even solve some virus problems.

    • admin

      hey Joe …TANX for the Suggestion …i always do like this…

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