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Conference calling is becoming increasingly popular in the modern business world. It is a fantastic tool for easy communication between employees and external partners and clients and something that is beginning to take advantage of the ever-advancing world of technology. Conference call applications are now in abundance for smartphones and iPhones around the world, so it has never been easier to hold or join a conference to maintain smooth business.

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Companies like PowWowNow and PGi have brought such conference call apps to the world and they are available in the Android Market and the iTunes Store. It is easier than ever to schedule audio conference calls in the palm of your hand. You can arrange it, invite people and send out reminders before the call and add people and put them on hold during the call. You can even choose the music that plays when they are on hold. The audio calls are completely free and, what’s more, you can record the calls you make.

Another wonderful application is Skype, which is also entirely free if every participant in the call has it installed on their device. Group calls are so easy on Skype that you can start them with just one touch – it has a feature whereby you can arrange your contacts into groups and call them collectively with the ‘Call Group’ function.

This function is unfortunately not included in the free version of Skype, but there is a variety of passes available to buy for every kind of business need. If you only require group conference calling for a single day, then there is the day pass at £2.99; 1 month will cost you £4.99, while 3 month and 12 month subscriptions will cost you £4.49 and £3.74 per month respectively.

The PGi app is free to business customers of the company and, again, has the function to record conference calls so you never miss that all important point – gone are the days of scribbling down minutes of every meeting.

Technology is always improving and business is always looking for new ways to incorporate technology to make operations much smoother, which can only mean one thing: conference calling is only going to get better, more efficient and easier to use. The standard is pretty high at the moment, so it will be difficult to make things any easier than they already are with the conference call apps mentioned above.

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    Conference calling is very convenient when we need to discuss something with several people and when we don’t want to repeat it for several times. As for me, then most of all I like to use Skype for this

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