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Is Your Choice of Car Going to be the Death of You?

Some of the latest high end cars of today boast of advanced features car owners have never imagined before. But thanks to these innovative car manufacturers, automobiles have become safer and more comfortable.

For those who are still not very familiar with the newest gadgets available in modern cars, here are a few of them that prove to be very useful and environment-friendly. They’re commonly available in many high-end automobiles.

Starlight headlining

This makes use of the fiber-optic LED lights that creates mood lighting inside the vehicle. Present in the Phantom Coupe of Rolls-Royce with some 1,600 of them, this kind of lighting can be hand-fixed to the headliner and its brightness can be adjusted.

Backseat TV

For families with kids who love to take a road trip every now and then, the Sirius backseat TV is very useful in entertaining the little ones. Available in the Grand Caravan, this device broadcasts live the shows of Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

Audio System

One of the newest features of Bentley Azure is its Naim audio system, considered to be the most powerful ever fitted in a car. It boasts of 1,100 watts with 11 speakers, a 13.2 channel amp and two sub woofers.

Night Vision

This is a feature of the BMW 5-Series. It’s a navigation system monitor that lets drivers experience a smooth and safe drive at night. With its infrared camera, this device displays people, animals and objects beyond 300 yards ahead. The display is very clear so drivers can ensure to keep away from those that can distract their trip.

Car Communicator

Car owners need to keep safe both inside and outside their vehicles. While car gadgets that monitor things on the road are helpful, it would also be a good idea to have one that monitors your car’s interior. Volvo features this heartbeat sensor built into its personal car communicator keyless drive system and alerts drivers and car owners of any danger that might await them inside their car.

Below is an infographic that will let you know what cars can keep you safe and those that are dangerous on the road.

Is Your Choice Of Car Going To Be The Death Of You?
Source: CheapAutoInsurance.Org

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