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Cell Phone Tracking to Go up a Notch

Mobile GPS trackingThe modern day need and urge to know exactly what is happening, where its happening, and to who can be seen everywhere.  From our media, to culture, to science and technology, there is obvious truth in the comment that we have become a global ‘surveilling’ village. GPS tracking which is used to track the location of people through their cell phones has been under fire in courts and legal cases worldwide but despite that it remains that the practice is continuing, either with legal permission or not. As a matter of fact, more and more advanced methods and technologies for cell phone trackers are hitting the news and seem to be on their way to a marketplace near you.

Broadcom’s latest creation

Broadcom is the largest supplier of GPS chips to smartphone manufacturers and is already a well known player in the monitoring software for cell phone business. Broadcom has announced that it has come up with a new chip which surpasses the functionality and efficiency of all existing products. The Broadcom microchip BCM4752 is made up of multiple technologies and is boasted to be ten times better in speed and accuracy.

The chip uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and even radio for when tracking individuals indoors. For outdoors it has a separate set of equipment but not at all less efficient. It employs a new Global Navigation Satellite System Chip that collects data from four satellites as compared to the one or two which average chips rely on. These are the GLONASS (Russian), QZSS (Japan), and SBASS (an underground signal enhancing system). All of these data links give the Broadcom chip a razor sharp edge over the competition.

What is more is that this chip can locate individuals to a much greater degree, so much so that the ultimate goal is to give the exact location of the person inch by inch. And the broadband cell phone tracker chip also tracks elevations so can tell you if a person is on the third floor of a building or whether they’re bungee jumping off a 50 story climb. It pushes the world of GPS and monitoring software for cell phone to another level.

Privacy Issues to Remain

There is no doubting that many can see the benefits of having this sort of technology available for everyone to utilize. Businesses and companies can use this to constantly track their premises for intruders and illicit actions by individuals. Law enforcement can use it to track high risk wanted individuals and criminals. But as with every technological advance, there is another side to it.

This time around, even the US Department of Defense has expressed concerns over the use of this cell phone monitoring software in war to track their foot soldiers changing locations and movements. This can be potentially dangerous for government personnel dealing with special information. As the chip homes in on an individual’s location to the minutest detail, privacy also shrivels away at the same speed. No matter to what good use such technology is being employed, the fact remains that it is an invasion of privacy to the highest degree.

So before these advanced sort of cell phone trackers hit the market and go viral, those concerned with the safety aspect should look into ways to block this microchip. Anti-spy and tracking software alone simply won’t do the trick. What an individual can do is opt out of this sort of targeted surveillance by using several jammers which cut the connections of the microchip to its data links like the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Radio, and NFC signals. But it is no walk through the park. With the coming of this new cell phone tracking microchip, the fight for security is going to have to go up a notch as well.

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Jane Andrew writes about cell phone tracking and monitoring technology. She provides tech news, tips and tricks about monitoring software for cell phone and cell phone privacy issues. You can also follow her on Twitter @ janeandrew01 to get the latest tips about mobile security.

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@Sarvanshu, thanks for sharing such an informative article Jane wrote ” From our media, to culture, to science and technology, there is obvious truth in the comment that we have become a global ‘surveilling’ village” right from the unsett as technology improves things became more sophisticated so there is an urgent need to be fully informed as it goes.

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