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cyber-lawyer-jobs“No brilliance is required in law, just common sense and relatively clean fingernails.” -John Mortimer

While searching for the perfect quote to begin this explanation of what lawyers really do, I faced the same problem I’m sure a lot of other people must have faced down the ages: people simply do not have nice things to say about lawyers! While jokes, one-liners and snide-asides aimed at lawyers abound, not many people have taken the time to explain in simple words the work that lawyers perform on an everyday basis!

Fortunately, you won’t have to look much further than the quote above. At the most basic level, lawyers apply common sense to everyday and extraordinary situations alike. If you’re smart, think well on your feet, and love proving your point, the law is for you!

Thinking about being a lawyer? Good idea!

Career options with law>>

  • Corporate Counsel/Consultancy
    Several law students opt to work with the in-house legal department of a corporate after graduating from law school. Legal managers play a critical role in the functioning of a company, and are responsible for drafting, vetting, and in several cases, negotiating contracts for the company, ensuring and monitoring compliance with laws, and handling legal disputes that the company may be involved in. Corporate counsel are required to interact with several different functions in a company, understand business and operations needs, and serve these needs in a manner that is both suitable and legal. Exposure to some of the best legal minds in the country is a given, as corporate counsel ‘brief’ leading lawyers who appear for the company in courts and tribunals. GE Capital, ICICI Bank, ITC, IBM, Infosys, Satyam, Wipro, Dr. Reddy’s, Biocon, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG and HLL are some corporate giants that frequent law school campus recruitment programmes.
  • Litigation
    Want to be a legal eagle, ruling the courts in your black robes? Find out what it means to be a ‘practicing’ lawyer! The traditional career path for a lawyer, is to “go into practice”, or join the chambers of a senior advocate as his junior. The traditional image of a lawyer is based on this career option.
  • Judiciary


    For those of you with an inclination towards public service and/or the trappings of state authority, the judiciary can be a worthwhile option. Not only is it a way to remain closely connected with the law throughout your professional life, but also one that offers the satisfaction of working for the good of society-an intellectually stimulating profession where you shall command the respect of the common man.

  • Legal Process Outsourcing
    In the recent few years the global spending on legal services has been estimated to be over $250 billion (of which about two-third is accounted in the United States alone. With such demand for legal services, corporations and law firms need to handle the large volumes while keeping costs in check and maintaining profitability. This is where Legal Processing Outsourcing (“LPO”) comes into the picture wherein core legal functions are delegated to external counsel to complete the assigned task on the basis of set parameters and fixed timelines.
  • Media and Law
    If you’re curious and good at communicating, this one’s could be you. Working as a journalist is not only socially relevant (which means you can have tremendous job satisfaction), but also carries the promise of being monetarily rewarding.
    A legal education already equips you with comprehensive writing and researching skills, besides teaching you to be thorough with facts and figures. You have the option of reporting on legal issues for which you need no additional training, or on a host of other issues for which on the job learning is the best bet. The most attractive aspect about a career in journalism is that a liberal arts education is more than sufficient for this profession.

Aside from these, lawyers today work with people from every walk of life, interpreting laws, applying legal principles, and, above all, helping people tackle problems on every scale. Simply put, an ideal lawyer is a smart, intelligent person who applies common sense to common and uncommon problems alike, and helps people find their paths out of the wilderness.

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  • Bars and Night Clubs

    There is a lot of money I think to be made for Lawyers in developing sites at assist people to do there own cases… A lot of a lawyers time is spent doing admin, but they charge $500 an hour to do it…

    Sites that assist people to prepare the evidence and info would go a long way in my mind…

  • Rakesh

    My qualification is BIT and I have done the LLM (cyber law) from UK and want to become trainee lawyer under any company is that possible? if so,please let me know thanks

    • admin

      Here Is What You can do:-
      You can Apply in different Cyber Law firms Like,

      You can also Setup a Online Consultancy Site For Users Like A blog About Cyber Crime And Fighting For it.

      You Can setup Your Own Firm For Providing Consultancy ………

      You can also Implement Your Own Ideas …

      The Key Thing is that You Should know About Whats Going in the Cyber World, How Different Web services Work…

  • Jayesh

    i want to know that what are the jobs for cyber law students in india as well as abroad.

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