Blackberry tablet is a multi-tasking powerhouse satisfying needs of all

Technological improvements are such that they attract people to make use of the latest development. With a variety of services, people get to choose what they want. The most preferred product would be the one that costs less having advanced features. This is because of the economic growth of the country, but it would change very soon as the household income increases. To cater to the needs of the people according to the economic conditions and customer preference, there is, South Africa’s first cellular provider operating a dual band GSM. One can find data packages, voice packages and a lot of devices to purchase online. Cell phones, routers, tablets, modems and vouchers are shopped most.

In devices, after laptops tablets have occupied the hearts of people. The small screened tablets have a lot of different features capturing the hearts of people and forcing them to buy one. The variety of blackberry tablets that are offered, are a good deal to choose from as they have a lot of features and come at a reasonable price. Tablets are available in the brands Asus, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE, and Blackberry is one of the most opted for.

The features of Blackberry tablet are many. Few of the common features are


First advantage is that you don’t have to connect your mobile to your tablet in order to access e-mails. There is all-in-one inbox that will have all your mails in one inbox, including that of facebook and twitter if you set up their accounts with this operating system. Individual inboxes can be seen at a tap of a symbol.


There’s a calendar app that proves to be very useful showing all the reminders, meetings and everything that has been set up for. When you are in landscape mode, all the apps are clearly visible and any can be chosen to made use of. But when in any other mode, some might get hidden at the bottom as the screen would not be able to accommodate all. There is no search bar which can be used to search the apps, so better option is to navigate to find the one that you need. A good idea is to create a folder of the apps in the home page so as to easily use the ones frequently needed. Other apps that are present by default are video chat, audio, clock, pictures, docs to go.

Best of all is the Blackberry Bridge app that is used to remotely access your tablet from a mobile. This enables easy typing from mobile for the one who don’t prefer touch screen much.


Internet also works pretty well in Blackberry Tablets. Panning and zooming can be done to get a better view.

To get to know more about the features of Blackberry playbook, it would be best to get one and start using so as to enjoy the features. So hurry and get the one that you like the best.

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