5 Best Stylus Pen for iPad Mini

Apple’s new iPad mini which is a 7.9 inch tablet, its thinner and lighter as compared to its 9.7 inch compatriot. With this reduced size using a stylus pen becomes more important for a fast and swift use of iPad mini. We have listed some of the coolest stylus pen for iPad mini, These will help you stand out in the crowd and make a fashion statement.

Adonit Jot Mini Stylus Pen

 The Jot Mini’s construction is very good as are most Jot Styli. Works very well and I like the slot for pocket carry. Only wish is that the cap was friction fit versus screw on. It would make using it a quicker process.

LYNKtec TruGlide Stylus

The TruGlide Stylus with a microfiber tip, 4.6 inches long, is just about the perfect size and weight for use with an iPad mini. And it looks great — if a stylus is That Thing You Do. Works better than the softer tipped styluses I’ve tried. Creates a firmer point for more precision (in so far as precision is possible with a stylus!) Great price as well.


mini Capacitive iPad mini Stylus

This little stylus has made texting a breeze on iPad mini. It stores and fits perfectly in the audio port. If you have long finger nails, big fingers or just want to keep your screen clean this is the product for you.

Targus Executive Stylus and Pen


This stylus is unique because, although it has the soft tip for the screen, it also has an ink pen inside the cap! This stylus has the added benefit of helping you keep your iPad screen smudge free. The fact that it also has a pen tip means it’s a 2 in 1 product and eliminates the need for a separate pen. The pen itself looks classy, like a lot of Parker and Cross pens.

Kensington Virtuoso Mini Collapsible Stylus

The Virtuoso™ Mini Collapsible Stylus can expand and contract in size, and dock conveniently to your iPhone or iPad for quick access and you never have to worry about losing your stylus again.  The stylus is compact and stores at the bottom of the iPad. Only negative is the holder for the stylus is plastic and even though the stylus locks in place, if you hit the stylus it will come loose and fall out of the holder.

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