Which is best for SEO: WordPress vs. Drupal

The concept of SEO is very dynamic when we think of the higher rankings and great web traffic to our blogs and websites. In order to choose the best SEO services, many a people prefer different blog building applications like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. People are often confused which one of them is the best suited for website optimization and management of contents. Well, we will discuss here how Drupal and WordPress can assist you in your optimization at the best. There will different platforms on which their efficacy will be measured.

 Drupal vs WordPress


WordPress has primarily been designed to support the blogging operations; it will offer you a wide variety of blog tools that are not available with any other hosting systems on your computer. The services are quite easy to install, handle and communicate with, if needed. This hosting system has a large pool of community, themes and plug-in that can simply link your blog to other optimized websites. Automatic installation takes place for WordPress and there is no need of reading the booklets.

On the other hand, Drupal has got the blogging approach but not in a general manner. Any novice in this area will get confused how it will run for building a blog. Also, it has got some community, surrounding themes and plug-ins but; to our dismay they will not come easily to you. They are underdogs when you compare it to WordPress community

Data collection

Drupal provides the best platform for data collection like surveys, event registrations and reports for the bloggers. Employees and even consumers can get under the complex workflow unlike the WordPress and your issues will be addressed very soon. Custom creation of a label or survey report is also available with Drupal. While you use WordPress, it does not provide data collection abilities to the user. You will have to look for the plug-ins like Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.

Small business modules

With small business budgets, WodPress may be a better choice than Drupal. With unchanging data and products, WordPress is the best platform to promote market and sell your products and services. This hosting service will work for you with convenience of use and healthy platforms for the novice bloggers. On the other hand, Drupal is not well suited for small businesses and enterprises. It usually handles complex dataflow and you will certainly need some extra plug-ins or tools such as Permissions and Fields to accommodate your small business. It is also best suited for the small business modules that would potentially like to interact with the other inventory systems.

Networking capability

A feature of WordPress, multi-site proves to be much beneficial for the users and individuals that like to create their own websites in no time. Just turn it on and you will be made available with plenty of themes and community tools. Management of several websites or networks from a single point is also easy for you. When we talk about Drupal, it also has amazing features of site building. You can create a number of small and complicated websites with the help of multi-site.

Depending on various requirements of the bloggers, you can place your preference either on Drupal or WordPress. The former is best for complex and large businesses and also in networking. On the other hand, WordPress offers you better platform for blogging, data collection and network management.


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Thanks alot for this wonderful post. In my opinion too, even dupal is alos a zero language platform for blogging, wordpress is a better platform as it has some excellent features some of which are already described in detail by you such as data collection and small business modules. Completely agreed.

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