Automatically Reply to SMS/MissCalls on Android.

We can automatically reply to text messages on your android smartphone using auto-responder android apps . These apps will automatically reply to text messages and miss calls when you are not able to attend the message or call.

Automatic SMS and Miss calls Reply Apps

Use :

Use it when you are busy like attending school, college or office meeting . Don’t let your close friends disturb you while watching a movie or in deep sleep. Auto Responder app lets the sender know that you are unable to text back  by sending a short message and they will never feel ignored again. You can customize the sms which will be sent automatically when a message is received . There are also available preset messages .

Download and Install :

AutoResponder automatically responds to incoming texts and calls. AutoResponder sends text messages to your callers, if you can’t answer the phone. You can customize the message content. You can also set different messages for different occasions (at work, with friends, etc.) Now it replies to texts messages!

SMS Text Auto Responder 

SMS Text Auto Responder FREE (txtAutoResponder) is an SMS away message application for your Android mobile device.

Auto SMS

Autoresponder, Sms Reader, Instant Sms, Sms Scheduler, Sms Listen, SMS Auto responder, SMS scheduler, SMS Reader, Instant SMS, SMS Forwarder ★ This app responds to incoming SMS and missed call automatically and is able to set a schedule to send SMS in future time.


Note: Get a sms bonus pack before installing and configuring these apps. If you don’t want to loose your balance.

2 replies on “Automatically Reply to SMS/MissCalls on Android.”

Hi just want to recommend another app that can also be used for scheduling silencing of your phone is called “Busy Status” – but what makes this one special is that it allows people to get through your silence if they call several times in a row. This way the app acts a lot like a do not disturb sign since people will realize that you are currently busy, but if it is important/an emergency they are still able to get through to you.
The app can be found here btw 🙂

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