Australian Tech Events to Watch Out for This 2013

There’s probably no industry more fierce and more intense in competition nowadays than the tech scene, which is why a ton of people usually do their research before setting out to show their support for a certain company. Consumers are growing more and more smart these days, consulting with fellow consumers and other third parties before making their decisions – especially in the tech industry where you can never be too careful what you spend your hard earned cash on.

Whether you’re in the market for some gadgets, appliances, or a car to purchase or rent out, using an online comparison service is always in order. But for those who want to get into the thick of things with their tech, events such as conventions and expos are always your best bet. Here are some of the scheduled tech events for Australia you might want to look out for:


Persuasive 2013

Focusing on the advantages of designing interactive technologies and services to influence people’s attitudes and support positive behaviour change, Persuasive is a fresh take on tech events as it provides the perfect blend of modern technology with humanity. Persuasive will be held from April 3-5 in Sydney.



One of the newest additions to the Australian tech events scene, Electronex first started in 2010 and has since became one of the country’s biggest and brightest electronics expo. This year’s event will take place on Septembers 11 & 12 at the Melbourne Park Function Centre, and will showcase the latest new in the tech world as well as a slew of guest presentors and speakers.


AlwaysOn Australia 2013

With the date yet to be announced, this 2-day event has local Sydney tech enthusiasts excited for the expected high-profile guests such as entrepreneurs, executives, and venture capital investors from Australia, the United States, and other key economic regions. The event will showcase Australia’s 100 Top Private Companies pioneering on-demand computing, digital media and entertainment, and the greentech industries.



Australia’s premiere developer conference created by developers themselves, YOW! is a one of a kind conference wherein attendees can listen and talk to international software experts in a relaxed setting. Packed with workshops, and talks that speak directly to developers, the intimate event is perfect for budding developers to learn the ropes as well as more advanced developer concerns. It’s also a great place to establish connections, and proceeds of the event even go to charity.



Australia’s leading international exhibit for the light, sound, and vision industry, Integrate is one of the most popular events that has helped launch several names in the Lighting and Entertainment technology, Concert Production Technology, Broadcasting Technology, Recording Technology, Concert Production, Post Production, AV Technology, MI Technology, DJ Technology, and Multimedia. Integrate happens on 27 – 29 August 2013 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.


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