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Are You Using Infographics On Your Blog?

People are always looking for new and exciting ways to share information. This is especially true of bloggers. Bloggers want to offer readers an experience that other bloggers aren’t. How do you that? One inventive method bloggers are using is infographics. Infographics are far from new though. In fact, they have used for hundreds of years. However, these are a new and exciting way to share information with your readers. If you aren’t using infographics on your blog, here’s a closer look at what they are and why you should occasionally use them.


What Are Infographics?

Put simply, infographics are a way to easily share a lot of complex information in an easy to read format. Inforgraphics are used in brochures and by the media on a daily basis. For example, a brochure may list different types of birth control, the number of women using that method, have a pie chart so the information is easier to rationalize and include statistics in the form of a bar graph on how well each method works. In other words, infographics take what could be a long, drawn out report and condense the information so that it’s easier for readers to scan over, which is what internet readers want.


Why Should You Use Infographics on Your Blog

It’s hard to capture a reader’s attention, especially if you’re explaining complex information. You have to be able to hook the reader and hold on to him. Whether you’re explaining the amount of money spent on movie rentals over the past three decades and how that relates to newer companies such as Redbox and Blockbuster or how green methods have reduced pollution, infographics will help ensure you don’t lose your reader. However, this method should only be used for complex information. Google and other search engines rank content based on text, which means you don’t want to overdo the use of infographics or you could lose your top spot. Not to mention that readers will eventually get bored looking at statistics and brightly colored graphs.

There’s no denying the fact that infographics are a wonderful way to share information with readers. In fact, they may give you the leading edge. This method not only makes complex information easier for readers to digest, but offers a more interesting way of doing so. However, the method should be used sparingly or your blog could disappear from the search engine radar.


About the Author: Rolando Vanbenthuyse loves writing and blogging and is currently learning how to design his own infographics. He enjoys incorporating as much technology as possible into his business and enjoys using online fax services and other web-based solutions to work more efficiently.

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