Are Tape-based Backups a Thing of the Past?

Computer owners including business companies of all sizes need to backup their files as much as possible. This is a must-do regardless of the type of computer you have. Backing up is a way to ensure that your files are safe and accessible any time you need them even when something goes wrong with your PC.

Consumers have various choices when it comes to backing up their files. They can go for the tape-based, disk-based or the cloud type service. Each has its distinct advantages but what counts most in choosing the best backups is to ensure that the service can meet your needs moving forward and provide ongoing support.

Image: soundonsound
Image: soundonsound


While tapes may already be unheard and passé to many of you, it is still being used today. It involves the use of a tape cartridge device to copy data from the computer for easy recovery in the event of a hard disk failure. Tape backup can be done manually or with the use of a software that can be automated.

Some people might think that tapes can only hold a small amount of data. But the truth is, they can store large amounts of data that companies have. The tapes normally form part of an organization’s storage area network (SAN) that also involve hardware and software.


Disk-based backups are considered to be more effective than the tape-based. The process of backing up files alone is faster compared to using the tape devices. The speed is four times faster which means shorter backup windows.
Compression is its other advantage which can result in more disk space and more files stored in a safe place. De-duplication is also possible thereby reducing disk space as multiple copies are eliminated.


The introduction of cloud servers has also made online storage a reality. With this option, users need only to subscribe to a service and the provider will take care of storing your files in their server. The subscriber does not have to worry about keeping files in his disk because all the valuable data will be managed and kept secure in a remote server round the clock.

A major benefit of using the cloud option is being able to access files from anywhere in the world. This is regardless of the device you’re using to gain access to your important data.

Latest reports reveal that the data recovery (DR) industry is expected to experience rapid growth onwards. This is attributed to the rising need for data backups particularly by companies that have IT operations. It is predicted that data usage will go up by 30 percent each year and that the need of any organization to store data will double every three years.

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