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We are pleased to present this page showing you the system built for aquarium and fish lovers, and giving you the information you need to make one of your own!

Fish tank PC otherwise known as the Aquarium PC Kit from Puget Systems.

PugetSystems built this system because with all the oil cooled projects out there, no one built a system that looked good and functioned well! After seeing all the other projects, They had a lot of ideas of how they could do it better and more easily. Many projects used vegetable oil, which would go rancid after a short time. The mineral oil does not have this problem, and is completely clear. PugetSystems also wanted to use an appropriate enclosure — the Toms Hardware system used a clear acrylic case, and they had to painstakingly seal each rear connector to keep the oil from leaking. They wanted to put the ports on top to solve that problem the simple way. Other people have built systems in aquariums before, but they were always oversized and square. When PugetSystems found the Eclipse System 6 Aquarium, they were excited to see an aquarium that was absolutely perfect in size — you couldn’t go any smaller. In addition, they had questions about performance and long term effects. There initial tests, which we go over below, answer the questions about cooling performance.

Here Are Some glimpse  :-

Fish Tank PC
Fish Tank PC

Fish Tank PC Front View

Fish Tank PC with Radiator
Fish Tank PC with Radiator

With blue crushed rocks to the bottom.

Fish tank PC With Bubles.
Fish tank PC With Bubles.

Aquarium Computer Version Two
Aquarium Computer Version Two

Mineral Oil Submerged Computer Video

Full details at… Cooling a computer by submerging it in mineral oil. In an aquarium, it looks great!

Thanks for visiting , feel free to browse around,comment, and let me know if you have any questions, Suggestions ,etc.

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  • Blade

    wow, you really got me to comment on this one… i love PCs and mostly the ones customised , like one of those DooM III inspired ones a lot !

    Blade’s last blog post..The money talked in a new way !

  • Jason

    cool ! I have seen my friends using it.

    Jason’s last blog post..Burn your ass tomorrow

  • Paul Baines

    That is absolutely beautiful! I didn’t realise water cooling had become so extravagant. I wonder, can you keep fish in it too 😉

    Paul Baines’s last blog post..Screen Printing Hell

    • jose

      its mineral oil, it’ll kill the fish within seconds.

  • loveprOne

    It’s beauty with duty. Keep it coOl.

    enjoy 🙂

    loveprOne’s last blog post..GIMP : Grunge Brush

  • Terri

    This is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen.

    Terri’s last blog post..Gobs of gloom

  • Naresh

    This Technology is Fantastic can u send me more new technique on this artical

  • StatueFan

    Sweet mod. I would be afraid to do something like that to my PC! 🙂

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