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Apps to Help Parenting Easier after a Divorce

When a married couple decides to end their relationship, a lot of people get affected from their family and relatives to their friends and colleagues. The children, however, are the most affected when divorce takes place. As such, any parent who sees his or her child getting depressed and not in his or her usual self after learning of the separation should take action right away to help the child understand the situation. It’s important that parents, despite going their separate ways, assure their love and support for the children so they can move on with their lives.


While you, as a parent, are heartbroken, you still need to look after your kid’s welfare ahead of your own. Yes, it can be a difficult process but you have to be strong for your children. There’s no need to fret as you can get help from modern technology such as the apps.

There are now various apps to make parenting much easier for divorced parents. Learn about each of them here and choose the one you feel can be useful to your situation.

Divorce Coping

This app provides daily tips on how to cope with divorce. You’ll even get funny tips that can make you smile and laugh.

Family Wizard

As its name suggests, this app helps the parents communicate better about their family while they’re living apart. It can be used to share messages including expenses and update your spouse about the activities and schedules of your children.


This one helps you make your weekly grocery list. Once installed on your mobile device, you can plan menus, create a shopping list and choose sale items from the published ads of your preferred local store (you need to enter your zip code to do this).

If you’re a coupon collector, you can also chek off the coupon box and add in the amount to determine your spending.


Now if you’re worried about your expenses, the Mint app is ideal to use. This tool developed by the people behind Intuit will let you monitor your income and expenses. It will let you know how much you’ve spent for the month and how much is left of your funds.

As this is linked to your bank account, the transactions you do are automatically downloaded whenever you access the app.


If you love collecting your kid’s artworks but don’t want to use your fridge as their gallery, the Artkive app is a great alternative. What you can do is snap a photo of your children’s artworks every time they present one to you and then store them in the app. Add a tag if you want.

A benefit of this online tool is that you can create a book using the artworks of your kids. You can then give them as a gift on their birthdays or even as giveaways to their friends and your relatives. Their grandmas, grandpas, uncles and aunts will surely love them.

Do not hesitate to ask your Pasadena divorce lawyer for other advice about how to help you and your kids cope with your new life. Their focus may be on the legal process but with their experience interacting with other divorced couples, they surely have a lot of insights and tips to share with you.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau showed that the number of Americans who divorced in 2012 went up to 2.4 million. Bloomberg also pointed out that the dissolution of marriages is prompting more women to find a job.

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