Antivirus Software Protects You From More Than Viruses

Antivirus Software UsesIn the past Antivirus software was bulky and slowed down your computer. When McAffee, Norton Antivirus, and other solutions arrived on the open market they were often scheduled to run at 3am on a Sunday morning, or other selected user-enabled times in order to not bog down computers during peak usage. Unfortunately that reputation has led some users to ditch the programs, despite their improved performance standards and utmost necessity.

Antivirus programs today don’t just scan your computer and remove viruses you have already contracted. They also work proactively to help stop website-based viruses from leaping onto your computer, and they can prevent phishing scam, malware attacks, and more.

We have compiled a list of some common protections that antivirus software can offer. Keep in mind you will want to check the features for the program you choose to determine what protections it offers.

Traditional Virus Scan Features

The first and most obvious feature of virus scan programs is hunting down and removing viruses you have already contracted. In the past viruses and malware/spyware programs required two different program types, these days the best in class virus scan programs will hunt down both. You can quarantine your viruses, remove them completely, and even find directions on wiping them out completely from your system.

Email Protection (Viruses And Phishing Scams)

Antivirus firms understand that computer viruses are not the only concern users have these days. Nigerian email scams, phishing attempts to gain access to your bank accounts, and other email scams, are as much, if not more of a threat, to many users. The best in class software options examine emails for common scams. For example, users will be alerted if a link for Bank Of America, doesn’t actually belong to Bank of America.

These programs also scan email attachments for viruses to ensure documents are not downloaded if they will infect your computer.

Social Network Protection

Phishing scams, link scams, and unauthorized messages are a big problem for Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Today’s best software programs alert users to phishing scams and other potential threats. Users can safeguard their passwords and even choose extra layers of logging security depending on the antivirus software they choose.

Identity Protection

The top antivirus programs can stop keyloggers from tracking the keys you type on your computer. This is a common way hackers gain access to a persons email accounts, online banking information, and other data by grabbing usernames and passwords. Many programs also combat screenshot logging and check that websites being visited are the real deal and not some part of a phishing scam to steal your information.

In the past users needed to purchase a separate security key for each device they own. These days programs such as McAfee will provide, based on the solution you purchase, a robust solution that can be used on your PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones, all of which are at risk of daily intrusions.

If you aren’t a virus scan and data protection expert check out our friends at, they offer a complete list of the best virus scan and personal identity protection programs on the internet. You can read their comprehensive reviews and see which virus scan program won’t break the bank, while still offering top-notch security.

Do you purchase antivirus software for very specific reasons? Share your thoughts on the software in our comments section.





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