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The advantages and disadvantages of online data storage.

online data storage

When you’re considering taking a backup of your valuable files, photos, music or some difficult college assignments for safe keeping, there are many services that can help, or simply be of use to you as another place where you’ve placed a backup other than your hard disk or USB. Choosing the right online data storage service for you might be a bit of a problem, since you need to weigh the pros and cons before selecting one.

Main advantage of using an online data storage service is convenience

While you may not be using the online data storage service as your primary means for saving or backing up files, the convenience of it is undoubted. Once you upload your files to an online cloud storage service, you’re allowed to access it at any time and anywhere. You may also have different tools for managing your files, especially if you register with premium services as they tend to provide better and advanced security protocols, better file management tools etc. Since you have uploaded a file online, you’ll be given the URL to it. You can share it, download it back, or use it to back up your file onto another service, making multiple mirrors of your file, increasing the efficiency of online backup idea in general.

Disadvantages of using an online data storage service

This isn’t full proof secure yet, meaning there are probably ways for hackers to intrude into anyone’s account at any specific online data storage service; expose their data or simply hack accounts and use them for their own profits or anything else. This is, of course, considered illegal, but that doesn’t mean a lot to hackers. You’ve probably heard about Sony’s PSN which was hacked not so long ago. Sony is a big company with high security, so the risk of using online data storage methods is obviously still there.

The conclusion on using an online data storage service

We shall conclude this article on a positive note. Using an online data storage service is highly convenient, which is already enough for anyone to start using it.. There is no other way to conveniently share a small data file, a big data file, whether this was music, video, or anything digitally transferable.

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Online data storage provides an extra space for your files and very convenient to use as you can access it using any computer. On the flip side, online data storage is not a secure place for your files that are highly important and confidential.

@amit internet connection speed is vital in taking full advantage of CLOUD. So move on to a better ISP !

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