The best way to access your computer From Your Android Phone or Tablet.

Access Computer SmartphoneAndroid is what everyone needs these days! Most of your prolific work is an end-product of your tablet or your android phone. Android phone is without any doubt the best-selling Smartphone around these days. Even when you are away from your personal computer, you can still access your computer through the amazing compact android phone in your hand. Through this mobile device powered by Google, you can now access your computer as it helps you to stay connected!

However, there is not any single app that can be regarded as the best way to access your computer there are some of the apps that can be categorized as the best ones.

Assuming that you have forgotten any of your important files in your computer and you need it instantly, so the REMOTE DESKTOP i.e. VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows you to remotely control your computer. This remote access has further two fantastic options:


This viewer supports VNC only, and this application lets you get connected via WiFi or sometimes USB. It connects to VNC servers like TightVNC and RealVNC. The Android VNC server has following features:

  • The Android phone is provided with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the convenience of the client. Through this, you can start or stop your server. Moreover, you can set your password through this.
  • You can set up a password in order to access.

Here are a few quick tips for your Android VNC Server:

  • The home button on your phone performs the function of right-click.
  • The back button on your phone performs the function of escape.
  • Cursor keys will perform the same function.

Along with the above mentioned things, here is a list of phones compatible with this VNC server:

  • Works on HTC G1
  • Works on HTC Desire
  • Works on HTC Magic CyanogenMod 5.08
  • Works on HTC Nexus Froyo FRF85b



This app allows you to get connected using mouse and keyboard, which are further connected via USB.

So basically, all depends on what do you want actually, if you want to go for RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), just hit the Wyse’s Pocketcloud app! It is compatible with the VNC server too. It is totally compatible with Mac and Linux servers. It enables access over 3G/4G networks.
In this app, you will not need any mouse; rather the touchpad does it all.  It has the following feature:

  • You can copy paste text between the local computer and the remote one.


Through this app, you can remote control your media center (Windows and Mac) through WiFi! Through Flash Remote, your Android phones turn into Apple remote control. Get the screen sharing activated and let the VNC-user access the system, but that too with a password.


Want to stay connected with your home or office? 2X Client Remote Desktop is the option. It lets you have a safe remote access easily with the help of RDP.

Start accessing after knowing everything from scratch about it!


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