A Knowhow for the Common Man on VPN

VPN or a more common terminology behind it as the ‘virtual private network’ is a kind of network that is used to connect computers to an internet or to another network, which is actually inaccessible otherwise. The VPN is also a safer network to route the traffic form one computer to the network and back again so there is no point in wondering if it would be safer or not.

It is not necessary that the hackers use VPN to connect to the sites and the mail addresses they should not be connected to. The tools in VPN are used by many workstations to access data online for the business dealings. For example, in some countries, due to a ban or restriction, the internet regulating authorities may make some sites inaccessible. For such purpose, if the sites are used by businesses, the VPN network and proxy servers are used. Although, negative use can also be a fact here, however, it is not always necessary that the knife be made to kill.

Other than this, employees can also use the Free VPN service to access their network at offices, so that they can log in on to their client systems and then check emails, files and applications. In restricted organizations such as those where only intranet works, the systems can harness the advantages of a VPN so that they can access the internet and then the sites that they have to work on. This means that a VPN client application can grant access to certain computers to access internet and some do not. So, there is no need of a network server for PC’s that need to be under the eye every time.

Early days

When the services for the VPN were launched earlier, the dial-up networks were used or the leased lines were used. The network cost was huge and it was quite costly to access a special VPN tool. Such tools were at that time, private and used the frame relay networks.

Now that the era is of technology and everyone is in a fast pace of time, the private networks of VPN are now IP based, with low cost, huge bandwidth connectivity, secure browsing and more ease for users.


There are many kinds of VPN tolls and networks. Some types are as follows:

1)      Site to site

2)      Remote access VPN

In enterprises and organizations that have a huge size, the remote access VPN’s work. Such networks allow the inside employees to access the office intranet from their home. This was not possible before when the VPN was a dial up network-based tool.

The site-to-site networks are for all those employees who are geographically not listed together. This is meant for the multinational companies with a huge employee database. The non-cohesive networking can be done through the site-to-site VPN.

Now if you had anything in mind and wanted to buy VPN, all you need is to search online, there are free client tools online that you can use to connect with a recharge per month.

Author Bio:

This guest post is written by Muhammad Azam who is a freelance writer and technology enthusiastic. As the above scenario outlines, using a VPN service is very important and it can protect you when using public networks, forcing the hacker to find more vulnerable targets. All you have to do to keep safe in these networks is to find a reputable provider to buy VPN.

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