9 Crazy Face Expressions of Gamers[Captured].

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Phillip Toledano or he calls himself  “Mr Toledano” is a Photographer of these straightforward portrait photography of gamers. He believes that photographs should be like unfinished sentences. There should always be space for questions. Phillip found a way to unconsciously tease out aspects of people’s personality, and capture it on film. So he had them play video games.

Here are the characteristics that are usually secreted from the world of gamers:

1.Must be a GTA series fan.

2.A COD:Modern Ware-fare player.

3.A women playing COD:Modern Warefare for first time.

4.Morning Gaming !

5.Must be playing a food game on iPhone.

6.Late night gamer girl.

7.He likes to crash cars, all night long-Burnout:Paradise .

8.hmmm Retro Gamer.

9.And here is a strategy game player.

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  • Pradeep

    The 8th one looks like a CS player…. 😛
    love the expressions 🙂

  • Kavya Hari

    When i seen these pictures, am not able to control laughing because its too funny facial expression. Any how, its good.

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