6 Ways How I Made My WordPress blog Load Faster?

When you are visiting a web page or a blog post, you will like it to be loaded quicker and faster, and if this is how you think even your readers are going to expect the same. After all, even they are human being and will have the same human tendency like you and me.

So find here some six interesting tips that can make your webpage loading speed quicker, smarter and faster.

Speed up WordPress Blog

1. W3 Total Cache:

This is one of the most important plug-in that you need to install into you wordpress blog to get better performing web pages. This plug-in is used by number of blogs these days to improve the user experience by increasing the server performance, caching your website and reducing the downloading time of your page and providing transparent content delivery network integration. This plug-in has been known to improve the site performance at the least by ten times. Go ahead and install it right away!!

2. Cloudflare:

The job of Cloudflare is to protect and accelerate any web pages online in an efficient way possible. The websites using this plug-in is routed through the intelligent global network, which allow automization of the delivery of the webpages to the visitors and increases the loading time giving best performances. One of the other duties of this plug-in will include the limitation of bots to stop wasting of bandwidth and server resources. The result of CloudFlare powered websites will include a significant improvement in performance and decrease in spam and other attacks.

3. Use Less Plug-ins:

There are a myriad of plug-ins available for being added to your website to make your blogging experience comfortable and easier but when you add more and more Plugins for thinking that your work load will be reduced, you are forgetting something, every time you add a plug in, your website will have to load all the plug-ins when a visitor visits the web page. Thus, using heaps of Plugins into your page is going to take time for navigation and you are going to lose your reader unless they are real fanatic about your writing.

4. Use Right Theme For Your Blog:

Use a simple and decent theme, which is important to understand the fewer images and artwork on your website which will make the loading time of your website much lesser. Using simple themes like magazine, thesis and others will increase the downloading speed of your website. Try to choose a CSS-based theme for your website.Themes like- Thesis theme, Genesis theme, Hybrid.

5. Minimize your images:

Some of the important points to remember for formatting your clean and compressed pages and the subpages of your blog will include the following:

  1. Images should use minimal colors like .GIF or .PNG files.
  2. Images using a full spectrum of colors could be saved as .JPG files.
  3. If possible, use the option in Photoshop for saving the images for web will automatically optimize the images that you store while maintaining quality.
  4. As you are going to use the image for the web, use the best and optimized sizes that will suit your requirements. You can always use a smaller size for the webpage, which can turn into a bigger image if the reader wants to visit the image at a bigger size on his own wish.

6. Compress Scripts:
When you are using wordpress as the platform for your blog or website, this has a number of CSS files, and each file requiring a request to be sent to the server, which thus will automatically slow down your blog. To overcome this issue, you can either join CSS manually or use the CSS sprites, which will actually help in compressing CSS files.

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8 replies on “6 Ways How I Made My WordPress blog Load Faster?”

well Its a free CDN service which will decrease load on server(decrease in DNS requests, save bandwidth) and user will get the site from the nearest cloudflare datacenter which will decrease the loading time…and more cool features like integration with W3TC plugin….

W3 Total Cache is major for performance improvement. I have been using it for some time and see a major improvement in load time.

Since I’ve changed themes as well, I noticed an improvement. On one site, I’ve seen traffic improve by almost 100{70e867cd2e68ee364b0db292aa41535b9c15b30eb7036e6526ebd577e85c0c0a} just based on improved load time.

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