5 Phone Functions we Cannot Live Without

Retro Phone FunctionsThere are certain phone functions that we all sometimes take for granted, but without these functions are devices wouldn’t be what they are. With today’s phones, connectivity is key and the phone has come a long way since simply having the ability to make and receive calls. Phones in today’s climate perform a plethora of functions, and each one has a pivotal role to play. Here are five phone functions we simply could not live without.
1. Answer phone
Missed a call whilst otherwise engaged or whilst enduring the pitfalls of a low signal? Voicemail inboxes can be hotbeds for job offers, messages from friends or any other important information that we cannot afford to miss. A good answer phone system will be easy to dial up with a menu that is easy to navigate. This is always something to look out for when shopping for a new device – particularly as some people may forget to duplicate the information in a text or e-mail in case you miss it.
2. Comfort
Phones have got lighter as they’ve grown in function, and as we’re carrying our devices round with us all day, every day they need to provide ease-of-use and comfort. They need to slip seamlessly in and out of the pockets we house them in and fit effortlessly into the palms of our hands, as we navigate around various apps and other such additions made to our handsets.
3. A camera
A high quality camera installed into a phone means that we can take adequate pictures and videos of anything that catches our eye without the need to cart around extra devices. The higher the mega-pixel rating, the better quality the image and the better the content will look if we want to view it on a computer screen or transfer it to another form.
4. An internet browser
Our increasingly inquisitive minds throw up questions all the time, and if there’s any information we need on the move, we need to ensure that our device is capable of providing us with it easily and quickly. Whether we’re looking for a phone number or simply wishing to look up a historical fact, today’s phones mean there’s no need to wait until we reach a PC to obtain vital information.
5. Room for a memory card
Whilst most phones don’t come with a generous amount of internal memory, space for a MicroSD card means that we’ve got much-needed room for music, videos and photos without having to worry too much about capacity filling up quickly.

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