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5 of the Best Apps for Tracking What You Eat

The digital era empowers us to track our caloric intake, nutrients, and dietary restrictions with ease. Those who adhere to gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or many other diets can search online databases of recipes that suit their needs.

Consider these five apps that can help you avoid digestive discomfort, find nutrient-rich foods, and lose weight.

1. My Fitness Pal


Track your daily intake of calories and recommended nutrients with this food journal and exercise meter. The database in My Fitness Pal is enormous; it catalogues thousands of store-bought foods, restaurant menu items, and user-created entries. Find out if you’re getting enough minerals, vitamins, and water throughout your day, and share your weight loss progress with friends. You have the option to share your daily food and exercise logs with others or keep entries private.

2. The Eatery


It’s easy to manage food trends with this app. The Eatery encourages users to snap photos of their meals and rank them, so you can develop a sense of favorite flavors and common meal portion sizes. The Eatery will also monitor trends such as preferred times to eat, healthiest meal tendencies, and when you drop the ball during a diet.

3. Whole Foods Market Recipes


This grocery chain has created an intuitive app that hosts more than 3,000 recipes which can be sorted by category, course, and diet. Each recipe features a photo of the completed dish, detailed preparation instructions, user reviews, and a map of the nearest store to purchase ingredients. Users can organize their favorite meals by saving them to the recipe box, creating a digital shopping list for key ingredients, and designing meal plans.

4. Gluten Free

gf app

This simple app by Tracy Corkett allows users to check individual ingredients to see if they are compatible with a gluten-free diet. Many individuals who suffer from celiac disease cook most of their snacks and meals at home, and they can accidentally incorporate ingredients that contain wheat, barley, or rye. Avoid stomach issues by keeping this handy app on your phone.

5. Epicurious


This free app contains in excess of 30,000 recipes, which can be saved and shared with others. Easy, step-by-step interfaces make Epicurious easy to use in the kitchen, providing clear directions with minimal touch commands. This leaves your hands free to mix, grill, and chop ingredients.

No matter what food movement you are a part of, diners can find great ways to track their meals with mobile apps. Search blogs and app stores to learn about the latest food trends and tools. Food apps can be a window into your dietary health needs and progress.


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