5 Lesser Known But Exciting Games for Android Phones

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Android smartphones have literally revolutionalized the world of gaming. Gone are the old days when simple games used to the order of the day and people had no choice but to spend their leisure time playing them. Now there are dozens of options available, with some spectacular games that can be enjoyed by you even while on the go. There are also many online casino sites such as offer loads of games like Blackjack, Roulette and Poker and they’re usually free to play. So there are tons of ways for you to get the most out of your smartphone, at least when it comes to gaming.

Since most of the popular games have already been covered by most websites, we will bring you five of the best lesser known but highly exciting games that can get you hooked onto your Android smartphone for days! Here they go:

1. Crazy Grandpa

A relatively new game that almost no one knew about a few months back but has recently had a fabulous run, with a sudden spike of user interest that has made it popular in a matter of a few days! As the name suggests, it is a rather whacky game with some splendid graphics and amazing gameplay. It is a skate game in which the user plays the role of a old man who has to make his way through a number of obstacles. There are also a number of equipments and scenes that can be unlocked as one moves through different levels. Definitely a fun game to play!

2. Subway Surfers

If Crazy Grandpa wasn’t enough, here’s one more equally addictive game that will blow your senses away. With stunning visuals and exciting gameplay, the game promises loads of fun and hours of entertainment, not letting you get bored even after playing it dozens of times. The idea behind it is to help Jake escape from the grumpy inspector, dodging your way through oncoming trains and dashing as fast as possible. What makes this game worth playing is the number of things that you can do with your character – right from grinding trains to surfing on a hoverboard and using the lightening fast acrobatics of Jake.

3. Elite Force

A terrific first person shooter 3D game that resembles the popular PC game Counter Strike, with the only difference being that you play as a counter terrorist who is the last surviving member of the elite force of counter terrorist unit so you have to tackle all the terrorists on your own and defuse the bombs that have been planted by them. There are also several modes of gameplay which you can choose from according to your liking – Elite Force, Delta Force, Counter Siege and War Battle, all of which have different objectives, available weapons, characters and style of play.

4. 100 Doors 2013

The perfect game for you if you like to challenge your thinking powers. Although it is a sequel to a previous version that was enjoyed by most of the users, this edition has over 85 doors and highly realistic graphics that make playing it all the more enjoyable. There are several mini puzzles that have to be precariously solved in order to move to the next floor. The best part is that since it requires you to utilize your mind skills to the core, you invariably end up spending hours and hours moving on from one puzzle to the next, thereby sharpening your thinking abilities at the same time.

5. Air Navy Fighters Lite

An excellent game that hasn’t been talked about much at all but has the potential to provide you some serious fun. If you are into action type games, then you will definitely find it quite addictive since it comes with highly detailed graphics, weapons, radars and weather conditions. Using the multi-touch controls, you will be able to disengage your jet from enemy SAM missiles, avoid radars, use a variety of weapons and destroy warships and choppers to complete your missions. Since the game requires some basic training to get you on board, there are a number of comprehensive tutorials available to help you master the basics. There’s also a unique scenario builder in this game where you can build you own terrain and customize your missions by adding objects and targets!


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