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5 Indie Games Best Played on Mobile Devices

These days, the devices available to people to play their favorite video games come in different sizes and operating systems. They have become more advanced with high quality audio and video and control features.

Indie games have also become very popular with many of them attaining successs even with little budget. Kickstarter indie games, for instance, are just some of those that have attracted international attention and huge amount of pledges owing to their great potential.

We share here the top 5 indie mobile games that you can try for yourselves.

Space Team

space team

Created by Henry Smith, this game is played on iOS and can accommodate multi-players. Featuring a spaceship that needs to be commandeered, Space Team can connect players in a room via wifi.

The goal here is to keep the spaceship intact through teamwork and clear communication. Its best feature is the use of current technology.



The Strata game is sort of a puzzle with the goal of layering the colored ribbons to match a pattern of squares. This requires strategy in order to make your moves correctly.

Whether played for a few minutes to an hour or longer, the game will keep you busy and keep you thinking of your next moves.

Ridiculous Fishing

ridiculous fishing

This game can be played on both Android and iOS. It’s recommended for those who love fishing or those who simply want to entertain themselves.

On first glance, it may seem easy to play but the difficulty lies in going deeper the lake, finding the rarest breeds of fish and hooking them up. A twist in this game is that you’re not done after hauling your catch to your boat. You still need to launch them into the air and blast them using a weapon.

Rewards await those who are game to catch all those fish.



This is a simple yet abstract game by Semi Secret Software. The mechanics are simple but the game can be hard to master.

The goal of every person playing the Hundreds game is to fill a counter with 100 circles. A player has to touch circles to let them grow into other circles. As one proceeds, more concepts come up including double-touch circles and poppable circles.



This game is a Swedish term for space capsule. Played on both Android and iOS, it a flat-designed game that allows players to build a space fortress that can protect them from attacking aliens.

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