5 Handy Presentation Apps for Android

Presentations are extremely important in the business background. When targets need to be explained to the sub-ordinates, or a rate check needs to be given to the client, what comes into play is the presentation. For Business meetings and business proposals, presentations play a vital role. They are a useful source for explaining the project in depth. Android platform offers a variety of apps that support such presentations. This has made the work of a businessman far easier because he does not have to rely on the laptop or other devices for giving a presentation, as he can use his own mobile for this purpose. Some of the widely used presentation apps in Android are:

5 Handy Presentation Apps for Android-

Power point Open Office remote

 PowerPoint Open office Report

Standing tall in our list is the free presentation app, Power point office remote. The notable feature of this app is that it works as a remote control for the presentation. Another factor that keeps this app above the other apps available in the market is that it synchronizes well with both the PowerPoint and the Open Office. Once a presentation is installed, this app lets the user use his mobile as the remote control for the presentation. The preview function present in this app that lets the user go through the presentation before displaying it in the meeting gives this app a competitive edge over the others.



This is also a free remote control app which synchronizes well with almost all the operating systems ranging from Mac, Windows and Linux. As it works as a remote control presenter, the name of the app is “Presenter”. This is the most popular and the most common app used by the core businessmen. Bluetooth adds more charm to the beauty of this app. The connection to this app is considered to be very simple as compared to the other apps. The volume keys present in this app enables the user to control the presentation in an efficient way.

Remote for Power Point

Remote for Powerpoint

This app is considered to be the best apps for presentations. The features present in this versatile app clear all the doubts. This app works just with Windows but it does not hamper the overall reputation of the app, thanks to its incredible features. The setup of this app is extremely simple and quick. Since, the user can see the slides on his phone as well; he can easily shuffle through the slides without any hassles. If the presentation is aligned to the Windows platform, this app seems to be the very best in business.

Quick Office Pro

Quickoffice pro

The striking feature about this app is that it facilitates an environment where the user can edit the presentations while on the move. Building of charts has becomes the easiest of the tasks using this app. The presentations thus created can be shared through Bluetooth and emails. This app makes up for the features that were unavailable in the apps discussed above.

Presentation Timer:

Presentation Timer

The major determinant that decides the success of a presentation is the time keeping. Thus, this app helps the user to keep a note of time while giving the presentation.

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