4 Tips for You to Ease Your Cloud Computing Bill Shock

Cloud computing has definitely come as a magic trick for most companies which are able to outsource most of their work and even get them on time although the representative might be sitting at his home with a cup of coffee in his hand.  Cloud computing, on one hand has brought to us this incredible technology whilst on the other hand the company’s which provide such service fill up you mail with a whole load of bill which doesn’t make cloud computing sound such a good idea when you come face to face with the pricing.

Now, we don’t suggest you to go back to the old manual way of work but instead, we at bring to you a solution of a sort which will get you to ease off on the cloud computing bill whilst enjoying all of it’s benefits.

Get handy with the tools

Ever since the introduction of cloud computing, there have been tools coming up everywhere so as to ease out with the automation and even help the IT organizations to stay on the top of their cloud environments. Some of the popular tools for the task are Cloudyn and Cloud Cruiser while those like Progress software basically allow the alerts in place so that the companies are notified automatically.

Have a dedicated management play the role for you

Although Cloud computing doesn’t have you to go around each desk asking for completion of work, but it sure does  require a management sitting over it to have everything in order. Even after switching to cloud computing services you should better make sure that you keep the leverage in all situations, have the work done in time and also save out on the bill shock which can definitely give you a shock too.

Automate using humans

You can easily set up tools and monitor the activities, but making sure that you keep an eye on the human side of the automated equation is also pretty important.  Proper governance and rules of engagement are required to have the proper settings in the whole process and this overall make sure that you do happen to govern the cloud usage and thereby even limit it when not in demand.

Make sure the cost management processes are pretty clear

Firstly, what we would recommend to you is that you get to know the whole process and the charges of the same. Now it all comes down to being able to keep up with the complete process so that you have a clear idea of what tools are being used, how many of them are functional in what ways and the basic knowledge of who in your company can easily be provisioned for the machines.

One of the most popular tricks for this part nowadays is to help the IaaS customers create and employ the policies of governance and takeover the lack of visibility which has had its take on the bill which comes at the end of the month.


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