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3 of The Best Tech Keynote Speeches


With any event that seeks to share and spread out information, it’s very important to get your audience onboard with your goals and ideas. Talks and conferences, for example, rely greatly on being able to impart your mindset upon your attendees, and arguably the best way to go about doing so is through immersive, engaging, and attention-commanding keynote speeches.


Keynote speeches are the all-important principle message and theme of any event. Coupled with a great speaker, a perfectly delivered keynote speech should captivate and enchant the crowd, making them willing to listen and learn about everything you have to say. A keynote speaker to help delegates think differently can be the difference between a successful event, and an utter fiasco.


The technology industry has long benefited from employing brilliant speakers to deliver keynote speeches. Here are some of the best tech-related keynote speeches ever given:


Danny Hillis: The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B

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Video via TED Talks

Tackling the invaluability of the internet and the growing need for security online, Danny Hillis keynote speech was given out as a warning on how much we relied on the internet these days and how the need for a backup plan should the internet be compromised is of great importance.


Stephen Hawking: Questioning the universe

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Video via TED Talks

The equivalent of the ultimate rockstar/living legend in the scientific movement, Professor Stephen Hawking is revered as one of the biggest names in modern science. This keynote speech of his given at the TED Conference asked some of the hardest-hitting questions in the world of science and technology such as “How did the universe begin?”, “How did life begin?”, and “Are we alone in the universe?”. Given professor Hawking’s stature in the scientific community and the sheer weight of his topic it’s no wonder why this speech is touted as one of the best keynote speeches ever given.


Bill Gates on Innovation

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Video via US Aid

Silicon Valley mogul Bill Gates’ uplifting talk on the importance of innovation and its role in the development of society is one that has been graciously accepted and welcomed by most – if not all – who’ve heard it. The positive outlook of the message, combined with Gates’ call for the unity of the entire planet make it one for the books in terms of tech keynote speeches.



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