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3 Interesting Gadgets on Kickstarter right now

2bddb50c71f18b456bd6bff1e5a663d2_large Crowdfunding has been and always will be a good option to cater new and fresh ideas. This allows both the inventor and the potential market understand the project.  A platform that guarantees unique, yet helpful invention that will surely tickle your interest is Kickstarter. The following are top three projects we recommend you to check out and decide if it is a kind of project that you will support. The Return Exeperience at Burning Man 2014 project is a storytelling dome that allows you to activate the hero hidden inside of you. It is basically a dome where anyone can enter and write their own hero story journey. The dome is a thinking zone and was strategically designed to help the writer think. From ambiance, interior decoration or the overall feel of the area promises the writer to write. Upon entering, the writer will be greeted with a typewriter and a paper with the following wordings, Once upon a time… Every day after… Until one day… And because of that… And because of that… And because of that… Until finally… Everyday since… The moral of the story is… and these stories from strangers will be compiled and published. d2746cfce4644ad4945bddc74e390597_large Another interesting project is from Maegan Moshlder for ArtPrize project. Her project is is not only a memorable one, but an interactive artwork that aims to help the public be aware about the environment. The project also aims to help ignite the inner cultural compassion of any person who passes the artwork. Luminous, rippling and glowing ribbon are the main things in this project that will be placed on the 5/3 Bank building located at 111 Lyon Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. An advocacy and awareness are the best words to describe Verity-Jane Keefe’s project of a mobile museum concentrating on the history of 11 housing estates in London Borough. Her feeling of a fast paced era allowed her to do something for the community before it turns to just a memory. Her time and artwork memories spent in the area are also factors that moved her push through with this public programme initative. This project includes a lot of research and study. She aims to gather who knows the history of the area. Get a load of interesting projects you may want to support and be a part of helping their ideas come true. Visit Kickstarter for more information about these fun yet helpful projects from all over the globe.

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