3 Deadly Blog Mistakes That Will Not Make You Get Traffic

Traffic is one of the factors that can determine the success and future of a website. If a website is not attracting website visitors, it will be very difficult for the owner of the site to make money from such a website/blog because there’s nothing that can attract people to come to the site either to read or to advertise there.

Blog Traffic Mistakes

Many website on the internet finds it very difficult to attract even 20 visitors to their website on their website because they lack some of the characteristic that they need to have before they can be able to get traffic. In this article are some of the top reasons why you will not get traffic to your blog so that you can take proper steps in correcting them before it went bad.

You’re Afraid of Starting

If success is something that we can just stumble upon, it will be easier for everyone to achieve it in all facets of their lives. You can’t get the best form of traffic if you are too afraid of starting. Taking the first step of faith is the signal that you will get to success faster than expected. You need to make sure that you don’t give procrastination a chance in your blogging campaign because that is the only solution to a better future in blogging.

Always remember that you will not get everything perfect the first time you are starting to attract visitors to your website. So, don’t be afraid of failure because it is going to be the ladder to success for you.

You Don’t Want To Pay the Price

The price of getting responsive traffic to your website on daily basis can’t be skipped if you still want to make google and other search engines to love your website and send you traffic on regular basis. If you want good backlinks, you must make sure to guest post on other blogs, you must comment on other blogs in your niche and do many other things to share your links on different blogs.

Your failure in paying the price for success when it comes to getting traffic can cost you lots than what you might ever think of. Try to pay the price. Do all you can do to make sure that you do all you suppose to do in order to get traffic for your website and make sure not to go against the law of using the internet as a blogger. If you think that success can be something which you can just stumbled upon, then you are deceiving yourself because blogging has to do with hardworking.

You Believe in SEO, without offering Value

This happened to one of my friend recently, He had reached level 3 of Google PR and this guy stopped on providing useful contents and start focusing on posting articles not related to what his blog is all about and within some months, his blog PR turn back to normal zero. Doing all forms of SEO without contents on your website is like you’re just wasting your time because this technique is going to work at first test but later at the time when you suppose to be enjoying your blog success is when this thing will starts to boomerang on your blog. Avoid this mistake because content value is what makes a blog different from each other. The contents on your blog is the food you are offering your readers – it is the tool you are using to bribe them in staying longer on your page and anything short of that means you are going to lose them when you don’t offer them again.

Add value to people’s lives on your blog and you’ll start to experience high-rise in your traffic and Google loves this technique too.

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You can do SEO but assure that you also provide valuable content to avoid what happened to his friend. I’m sure you don’t wanna wake up one day that your PR drops down to n/a right? How awful.

updating things at regular intervals is very important in SEO prospective and is good for a blog to stay live.. it will automatically help you in getting some good traffic but before u get some decent traffic it is equally important that you follow some steps like commenting, social media marketing and contribution in other blogs.. it helps u in building some solid backlinks..

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