10 WordPress Plugins for increasing RSS Subscribers

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I know you want to increase the number of people who subscribes to your blog. The mystery about getting more and more people subscribed to your Feeds is- Value subscribers more than any other measure of blog success, such as page views or raw traffic.

So here are 10 specific Plugins for increasing RSS Subscribers  you can begin to implement today and start getting more blog subscribers right away.

  1. Use the “What Would Seth Godin Do” plugin
    This plugin allows you to ask your readers to subscribe to your blog. This plugin is great because you can configure it to display a message only to new readers.
  2. Email first time commentators encouraging them to subscribe.
    Sending a personal email to your first time commentators is a kind gesture, and many will thank you for that. You could use this opportunity to remind them that they can stay updated with your blog via the RSS feed. There is also plugin called Comment Relish that can automate this process, although it becomes less personal.
  3. Use the FeedSmith plugin.
    Unless you hand code a lot of redirects on your blog, readers will still be able to subscribe to different RSS feeds provided by WordPress. This plugin will make sure that all your subscribers will be forwarded to the Feedburner feed, so that you can track them and control how your feed is formatted.
  4. Subscribe Remind

    This WordPress plugin will place a reminder under each post, requesting your readers to subscribe.
    Note that it’ll be displayed permanently, irrespective of new/returning visitors Рbecause it is not based on cookies.


    Download Subscribe Remind Plugin to increase RSS Subscribers

  5. Subscribe Me

    The Subscribe Me WordPress plugin lets you display chicklets on your blog, so that visitors can subscribe to the feed using their favourite RSS reader. You can customize the chicklets that get displayed using the Plugin’s options page.


    Download Subscribe Me Plugin to make it easy for readers to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed.

  6. Better Feed
    It is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to enhance your feeds with several highly customizable features.
  7. Offer a bribe

    If you have a WordPress blog, use the free Feedvertising plugin to link to the download page for your free gift. Since Feedvertising links only show up in the feed (and not in the post), only feed subscribers will see the link and have access to the bonus.

  8. Use the MyBlogLog Widget.
    One of the best ways to increase the number of people who subscribe to you blog is to ask them to subscribe. Sometimes readers need to be encouraged or coaxed to subscribe. Maybe they aren’t even thinking about subscribing or maybe they are not using an RSS Reader. By asking them to subscribe, you remind them that subscription services are available. These next few tips provide ways for you to track who is visiting your blog, so that you can send them messages requesting them to subscribe. The MyBlogLog widget allows me to track who is visiting my site. When a new MyBlogLog visitor appears in my sidebar, I click their avatar and send them a message. I typically thank them for visiting and ask them to subscribe, including a link to my RSS feed.
  9. Use the Bumpzee Widget.
    The Bumpzee widget works the same as the MyBlogLog widget. Using this widget allows me to track visitors who belong to Bumpzee. I send them a similar message.
  10. Use the BlogCatalog Widget.
    This is another visitor tracking widget. It track people who register with BlogCatalog

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  • Zubair

    Nice tips, i will surely use some of these new plugins

    But wheres the download link for this plugin:
    Email first time commentators encouraging them to subscribe.

  • Lokia Cargo

    wow, i just already know from you by using comment relish we can contact commentator to subscribes.. sound great. I am actually give more attention about subscribers. and will try some.
    Thanks, very useful list 🙂

    Lokia Cargo’s last blog post..9 Cool Ways to Reduce Bounce Rates from Entrecard Traffic!

  • Mike

    Useful services. Is there sth avaliable for blogger ?

  • {HACKS} Daily

    I think Subscribe Remind is a really good plugin..will give it a try…

    {HACKS} Daily’s last blog post..Windows 7 Software Applications Will Also Support Windows 7 x64 Bit

  • Tellie

    Nice! I don’t use wordpress though. I use blogger. I tried to get wordpress a couple weeks ago but I’m too stupid for it.

    Tellie’s last blog post..I was THIS close to being stung by a bee

  • MissEm

    Thanks for the tips on the plugins.
    I went ahead and installed the Subscribe Remind.

    MissEm’s last blog post..7 Tips for viewing Display Homes

  • HazardousPaste

    Very useful post. If I might offer a suggestion; it’d be even more useful if the list entry titles were hyperlinks to the plugin’s download page 🙂

  • George Serradinho

    Nice plugins to get more subscribers, I really liked the one for bribing them. Made me lol 🙂

    George Serradinho’s last blog post..Over 40,000 Download Hits

  • nikolainikitin

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    Need engine because of the blog and forum with the normal protection against spam, and then my friend found a forum filled with spam, and its already after 2 weeks.
    And you are a software engine for techpaparazzi.com use? Which script forums and blogs I choose to open a forum about air guns?
    I’ll be glad to any advice, thanks in advance.

  • Joshua Taylor

    RSS Feeds are really very helpful and you could get site and news updates from it.:*`

  • izle

    Number 4 is good for me. Thank you for useful article.

  • Faizan

    i found my plugin here but not from the list but before the content. i was searching for google greeter!
    thanks anyways

  • Kerala Girls

    i think that RSS FEEDS should also be included on the list of the best inventions because it makes life easier for bloggers like us *”;

  • Connie


    Great post! Btw, what RSS plugin did you use on your site? 🙂


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