10 Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed By Big Players

Get Blog Noticed by Pro Blogger

Every blog niche has some key influencers, bloggers who stand out among the crowd. Getting your blog noticed by these top players makes all the difference in the world; for one thing, you can leverage work opportunities, partnerships and joint ventures. For another, if these top players know and like you, networking and building a fan following become easier as well. It’s all about who you know – even in the blogging world.

1. Let Them Know You Are A Fan

Read their blogs, bookmark them and share them; this automatically puts you on their radar screen. You are likely to get visits to your blog and some tweets in return. While you’re at it, get to know everything about these players so you can post knowledgeable comments. Be genuine, for these people can spot a fake from a mile off. Let them know that you are a fan, but don’t become obsessive.

2. Display A Mature Attitude

Follow your key influencers’ posts via Twitter or Facebook. Leave intelligent, interested and worthwhile comments on the content. Come across as a worthwhile blogger in your own right, who is appreciative of the intellectual gems that the key players are sharing. This mature attitude will win their respect.

3. Promote Their Blogs

Everybody loves a bit of free promotion, even top players. However, there are too many people ‘promoting’ top blogger content for strategic reasons alone and not because they like these bloggers. To avoid being banded in the same box, share only that content which you really like. When you promote content, add a note that says exactly why you’re promoting it.

4. Don’t Focus Only On Key Players

People do notice if you promote content only from a few key players. To avoid this perception, promote worthwhile content no matter who the blogger is. This kind of democratic attitude will hold you in good stead with the key players, who will respect you for your discretion.

5. Write A Post About Them

Here’s an idea; make a list of 5 or 10 top players and write a semi-biographical article about them. Explain how these greats got into blogging, what they’ve achieved, how they are considered an inspiration and so on. Then tweet a link to your post to the same top players. Alternatively, if you cannot write a post, put out a Twitter recommendation.

6. Personalize Your Communication

If you are trying to get someone’s attention, make sure you personalize your communication. Use the player’s first name. This way, they know you’ve singled them out for attention. Write a few lines personally to each one of them in your emails, appreciating their work while mentioning a specific blog you liked.


7. Keep Your Communication Brief And Professional

Make sure your emails are professional, decent and brief. Think of these guys and the amount of reading they have to do in a day – millions of lines of text each day. Try not to add to the burden, especially if you want positive attention. 5 to 6 lines of text would be an acceptable length. Make sure there’s something memorable in the email and that the subject line says exactly why you’re emailing them. Don’t ask for a favor unless it’s a return favor.

8. Take Your Blog To Greater Heights

You won’t be able to retain a player’s attention if your blog is not worthwhile. Pay more attention to your blog while you’re networking with top players. Promote a top player’s post on Twitter on the day you post a fabulous piece of content on your blog. Make sure that when the top player checks back in, there’s something great going on. This will impress them more than any other effort you put out.

9. Use Twitter To Get Noticed By Them

Here’s how you can use Twitter to make sure the movers and shakers of your niche notice you:

  • Re-tweet their tweets within your own network and get noticed on their radar.
  • Recommend a few key players on Twitter along with reasoning for your recommendation.
  • When people mention you on Twitter as a result of these efforts, follow them. Answer their questions and thank them for mentioning you.

Your target key players will return the favor by tweeting your links and put your blog on the map.

10. Request Top Players To Mention Your Posts

Once you’ve got a top player’s attention through the above strategies, direct message them on Twitter with a request. Ask them to mention your posts in their tweets. Note that they’re not obligated to do this and you cannot make this request often. Select a few of your best of best posts before you make this request. It’s ok to make this request once a month or so.

This article is written by Dean from Invesp. Invesp is a conversion rate Optimization Company founded in 2006 to provide customized services like landing page optimization, full website optimization, conversion rate audit and consulting. 

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