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10 must-have Firefox add-ons-plugins

Firefox, perhaps one of the best web browsers, just got better with customizable and useful utilities. Here are ten extremely useful addons for Firefox, which will make your Firefox experience even better.

Firefox, perhaps one of the best web browsers, just got better with customizable and useful utilities. Here are ten extremely useful addons for Firefox, which will make your Firefox experience even better.

1 Foxmarks

A great add-on if you work on different computers. With Foxmarks, you can automatically backup and store your bookmarks and stored  passwords, and access them from any machine. What’s more, you can also restore your bookmarks onto your machine incase of a system crash. It is possible to access your bookmarks from a mobile phone Рthus making your bookmarks truly mobile. Also share your bookmarks with your friends. You can also create different profiles to specify what bookmarks appear on which computers.[download here]

2 Answers

Ever come across words or phrases that you weren’t familiar with while browsing? Instead of switching to a new tab and looking up the word in an online dictionary, use this add-on to get the meaning with just a click. The Answers add-on uses resources like, Wikipedia and to name a few, and shows you the meaning of the word through a popup on the same page.  [download here]

3 Google previewpcFirefox

An easy to use yet very useful add-on for Firefox is Google Preview. This add-on inserts a thumbnail image of the Google search result beside the link. Not only does this add-on work with Google Search, but also on Yahoo! Search. This may come in handy when searching for a particular site you may have seen some time ago and forgotten its URL. Apart from the thumbnail preview of the search results, this add-on also adds a  popularity rank’ bar below the link of each search result.[download here]

4 All in one sidebar

Taking inspiration from the Opera sidebar control, the All-in-One Sidebar add-on gives you quick access to the most commonly used features of Firefox through easily accessible buttons. You can view your bookmarks and history, and directly open them in the same or different
tabs. Downloads, add-ons and themes can be quickly accessed and confi gured through the sidebar. You can also view extensive information about a website like its source code, and its security, permissions and media types. Italso gives you quick access to the about:config console.[download here]

5 Download status bar

This small yet extremely useful add-on helps you manage and track your downloads easily. After installing this add-on the download window does not pop up every time you download a fi le or save an image thus saving you the trouble of switching between the browser and the
download windows. Instead, a small statusbar appears on the bottom of the browser. The statusbar shows details like the download speed, estimated time remaining for the download, the amount of data downloaded so far, and the percentage of the fi le completed. You can also resume a download that wasn’t completed in your previous session.[download here]

6 Stumbleupon

Ever get bored of surfi ng the same old websites? Here’s a great new way to fi nd new websites which may be of your liking. Simply specify your likes and StumbleUpon will generate a list of websites that suit your likes. You can access these sites through the buttons on the toolbar. You can
also send a particular website to a friend who you think may be interested. With the ‘review’ button, you can add a review to a particular site. With many categories of website, you can be sure you will never be left with nothing to surf.[download here]

7 Firefox showcase

Here’s another useful add-on that can be used when you have a lot of tabs open in your browser. With Firefox Showcase, you can view the current thumbnail of each tab that is open in your browser. Not only this, you can also browse through the previously opened pages in that
particular tab by using the ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ buttons provided on the bottom of each thumbnail. Using the drag  and drop feature of the add-on, you can rearrange the tabs. You can also easily bookmark pages by simply right clicking the thumbnail of the page you want to Bookmark.[download here]

8 Colorful tabs

An extremely simple and practical add-on especially when you have a lot of tabs open in a browser window. With this add-on, different colors can be assigned to different tabs. Using different colors for different tabs, the user can relate a certain tab with a color, thus avoiding reading the tab titles while searching for a particular tab. This add-on can also be confi gured to have tabs of a certain site to be the same color, which proves to be very helpful when you have more than one page from a particular site opened in your browser.[download here]

9 Read it later

Ever come across a website that caught your eye, but you didn’t have the time to read it? Now, instead of bookmarking a page that is meant for a one time read, use this add-on to store the link of the page. A simple way to tag a page for later viewing is by clicking the ‘tick’ mark which appears at the side of the bookmark button on the address bar. Read It Later stores the links which can easily be accessed from the add-on button. Once done, it can be marked as done, and the link will be deleted.[download here]

10 FoxyTunes

A perfect add-on for all music lovers. This add-on adds music control buttons to your Firefox browser window which allows you to control your music directly while surfi ng the Internet, instead of switching between Firefox and your music player. It supports all the major music players and also a few Internet radio clients. Basic controls like Play, Pause, Stop, Previous and Next buttons are available along with a volume
control. It also includes a song ticker, which displays the song title in your browser window. You can spice up your player using the huge selection of skins provided.[download here]

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